What is #100DaysOfGaming?

This challenge supports Extra Life and Children\'s Miracle Network Hospitals. We challenge ourselves and others to play games for 100 days leading up to the Extra Life national day of play! Up for a fun and rewarding challenge?

This year, #100DaysofGaming begins on July 30, 2020, but you can participate ANY time of the year. Get your consoles, mobile, PCs and tabletops ready, we\'re playing for Extra Life!

How do I participate?

Play a game a day, any game for 100 days. Video games, board games, sports, card games, etc; if it has rules and you can play it, then it\'s \"fair\" game. Try to play to for at least one hour each day.

Let your online social communities know you are participating by using the hashtags: #100DaysOfGaming, #ExtraLife, and #ForTheKids. Tag other participants in your posts so we can celebrate your progress!

Stream your daily event to Twitch.tv, Caffeine, YouTube or Facebook! Not a streamer? No problem! Share your challenge event via Facebook, Twitter, blog or podcast. Take pictures, screenshots or video and share them. The more we talk about it, the more people get interested and the more support we have for Extra Life!

Want to connect with other Extra Lifers? Head over to the official Extra Life Discord!