• Day 89/100: Atlas Reactor

    The new chapter started and have to get on the new chapter missions. They now do the missions weekly, to bring more activity into the game. Chapter 3 missions brought out ranked games, […]

  • Day 85&86/100:  Rift

    I got hosted by Trion this day, and I held a spooktacular costume contest, where people had 2 minutes to get into wardrobe based on a theme I gave them. Some of the themes were candy corn, […]

  • I know I know been slacking have lots of catching up to do, so here we go!

    Day 75/100: Atlas Reactor

    Worked on getting Season lvl 100, and on this day finally reached it. Was a great success.

    Day 76/100: […]

  • Going to make a full list of these games when…all is said and done here.

  • Day 71/100: Rift

    I have been starting to dabble into the sagas of Rift. The sagas dabble more into the lore of the cults that plagued Telara in Vanilla rift, as well as the add ons from Storm Legion and […]

  • Day 68/100: Creative Stream

    Sooooo in the month of October told the interwebs I would be face painting myself every Tuesday to a different Halloween theme, the first week was face painting myself to be a zombie. […]

  • Day 67/100: Black Desert Online

    This…game is breath taking…how much you can customize the way your character looks is insane! You just have to see it to believe it and the combat system? Refreshingly new […]

  • Day 66/100: The Walking Dead and Life is Strange

    These are both descion making story telling games, the choices you make, make for interesting outcomes, and with more decisions to be made more combinations of […]

  • Day 60/100: Rift

    I attempted leveling of my three left characters, plan to have a perfect set, of all classes. A level 70 cleric, rogue, mage, primalist and warrior. I already have a warrior (my main) and […]

  • 59/100: Path of Exile

    If….you are a Diablo 2 fan….this is the best game for you, this game is sooooo much like it, its scary. I loooove this game!

    But there are six classes to play from, Ranger, Duelist, […]

    • I SO loved this game when it launched, and plan to come back to play the many expansions that have dropped since. GREAT game more people need to play! Good choice, man!

  • Day 54/100: ESO

    Soooo this day I ran into a random town of grey people, like the whole town of peoples were gray, thinking they were dark elves, took me a minute to realize…they were humans and orcs, and I am […]

  • 51/100: Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

    Now….if you have asked anyone about Fallout 4 they would say its hard right? Mean the normal blowing of your face off, and running around and massive death, yeah its pretty […]

  • Day 49/100: ArcheAge

    Proceeded to play my spellbow character and roam around getting lost in a capital city, and fighting strange spiders out in the farms, moving to the next area where the monsters are all […]

  • Day 48/100: Aion

    This game has been recommended to me months ago on Rift, and decided to give this a try on my MMO Madness stream for a change. Aion is a MMORPG, game is a pvp/ pve setting. So you pick a server […]

  • Day 46/100: Atlas Reactor, ArcheAge and ESO

    Saturday I did a 12 hour charity stream for the Red Cross for the hurricane victims, and on this day these were the three games I played, Atlas Reactor, ArcheAge […]

  • 43/100: Atlas Reactor

    CHAPTER FIVE IS HERE! NEW LANCER IS HERE! NEW STUFF IS HERE! A little excited if you cannot tell. Yes Chapter Five of Season 3 is here, the last chapter, new things to do, and a new lancer […]

  • Day 42/100: ArcheAge

    ArcheAge a game I have not played much since launch, but so glad I am finally able to play this game again and stream it! YAY! Soooooo……What is ArcheAge? ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG. […]

  • 35/ 100: Atlas Reactor

    This was a good yet sort of sad day for me with Atlas Reactor, so during the third season you can do loyality missions for all the lancers and get a special hyperbotic skin for the lancer […]

  • Day 30/100: Guild Wars 2

    Proceeded with leveling my human thief and introducing my friend to crafting but I frankly did not remember it, still in a daze about crafting in Guild Wars 2, at one point actually […]

  • Day 29/100: Guild Wars 2

    Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG, it is unique to the genre of MMO, the story line is directly effected by the player decisions, which is not normally something you see in MMOs, so yeah will […]

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