• Diortem posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Unfortunately, today wound up being a lot shorter then planned for day 35. Basically, my laptop I use to talk to the streamers required recovery as it had been freezing and the like recently, so I went to recover it via the jump recovery media I had made at the instructions of Dell…. only for it to blow away my hard drive. And to make matters worse, they REFUSED to help me get a recovery drive. I have not had this machine for even 2 months! Suffice it to say, I am going to tell everyone I can NEVER to buy Dell if this is how they treat customers. They can fuck right off.

    But there is a silver lining here… I have a Windows 10 disc due to building my own gaming rig, and… right now that laptop is updating from a clean install. But with how late it is, Im not going to attempt to stream Serious Sam 2 tonight. It will have to wait. In the meantime, the gym provided today’s shorter run in the form of Metroid 2: Return of Samus. As of today the first metroid is dead and I have gained both bombs and the spiderball… this is going to have to be day 35. We will tune in for day 36 with Serious Sam 2 tomorrow… and updates on more Metroid 2 since I will be playing it again at the gym, too.

    • Bad news about your laptop! I am always tempted to purchase their stuff, but something always stops me.

      • might be a good idea… good news is my expairiment worked…. I now have their laptop with ONLY what I myself installed on it starting with a clean copy of Windows 10 (so glad MS remembers motherboards now… their key still works!)