• Diortem posted an update 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Day 32 was more of the Xbox Live Arcade Compilation, and hoog… the full colors of this pack are beginning to show. Im pretty sure a game like Boom Boom rocket needs to be played with in some other way then the buttons on a controls, as it makes it artificially hard to quickly jump between arrows as the songs need, especially when doing diagonal combinations which would be a breeze on a good dance pad… and between that and some odd timing issues, the game seems to miss steps once in a while… not good.

    BUT we also got to rush through Pac-Man Championship Edition, which basically boils down to a time-trial remixing the map as you clear it rather then keeping each level separate. This could be fun for a quick run, making it a suprising highlight of this collection.

    And finally we started to play Luxor 2 which has a story-mode we completed the first 4 sets of levels on. I have no idea how long this game is, but we are doing this for the kids, so I grumble, but I will keep going till its done… or it crashes so badly I have to restart the XBox One again. (Yep… that happened).