• Diortem posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    Day 44 completed with one more Demo-Day! Today we played two demos on the Xbox one: ‘n Verlore Verstand and Halo Wars 2. The first took 40 minutes to complete and wore all the hallmarks of a rushed out indie project to try to get some quick cash… including rocks that you could stand on, but could whip around to a new spot without you staying on it! The word cheap screams through and through. I still have no idea what the point was.

    Halo Wars 2, on the other hand, was absolutely gorgeous, if not a lesson in why RTS games really should stick to a mouse over a controller. Not bad, but clearly hampered by your own controls…

    But with those down, we have now finished ALL my demos for the Xbone I had lined up this year. From now on, all demos are in Steam.