Story Time with KelariCuddles

Day 66/100: The Walking Dead and Life is Strange

These are both descion making story telling games, the choices you make, make for interesting outcomes, and with more decisions to be made more combinations of how the story will go. First we start with the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead follows the story of a man named Lee Everett and the little girl  named Clementine, Lee is on his way to the big house for murdering a senator that his wife cheated on him with, on the way the cop hits a guy on the interstate and causes them to wreck, Lee passes out while you hear the horrors of gunshot and screams go off in the background, eventually Lee passes out and you wake up what seems  hours later with a messed up leg. You have to break out the car and then head over to the cop to see he is dead wanting to get the cuffs off, you get them off and the cop springs back to life, and you must fight to survive. You can back away and grab the shot gun left near the wreckage and take care of the zombie struggle and see a mysterious figure in the distance, going after it as more zombies show up.

You get to the mysterious figures house and find it is just a child, left at home with a zombiefied baby sitter, who the child helps you take care off by giving you a hammer. You promise to take care of the girl and go to seek shelter, seeing two guys outside trying to push a car out the way so they can use a truck to get home, you help them and the undead show up and you go with them, going to Hershel Greene’s office, where I chose to lie about who I was. Eventually his son gets snagged under a tracker and you have to choose to save him or Duck (a little kid) I choose to save Hershel son but without help was not able to save him and he ends up dying, where Hershel gets mad and kicks everyone off his farm, myself, the little girl and the parents of Duck give me a ride to Macon, where we get stuck inside a drug store.

In the drug store we meet more characters, Glenn decides to see about looking for gas and leaves off with one of the walkies that Clementine has, one of the other people in the drug store Larry, real hateful man, has a heart condition and needs medicine but there is no way into the pharmacy, so Lee looks for a way finding a very zombified pharmacist outside, Glenn calls on the walkie saying he is pinned down and you and this reporter go to a motel to save Glenn where he tells you about a damsel in distress, so Lee quietly fights off zombies to get up to the damsel finding out she is bitten and she fights with the reporter trying to take her gun forcing the balcony to cave in everyone falling to the ground the damsel getting the gun and killing herself, she refused to turn into a zombie.

You head back to the drug store using the axe you found at the motel to gun open the gate and get the key off the zombie pharmacist, and into the drug store, getting into the pharmacy setting off an alarm, now the group race and head to the motel where they assume they are safe. That is the end of the first episode.

Now onto Life is Strange.

Life is strange follows the story of a young high schooler who just turned 18 who got into a art academy called Blackwell, in her old hometown, she is there for photography, she finds out she is suffering visions and can rewind time. The first episode is about her testing those powers out. A girl from her school is missing, Max tries to figure out what happened to the girl, and ends up running into her old childhood friend Chloe, who was friends with the missing girl.

Towards the end Max has a vision of the town being destroyed by a tornado and tells her friend Chloe about it and her powers.


Almost there!

Day 60/100: Rift

I attempted leveling of my three left characters, plan to have a perfect set, of all classes. A level 70 cleric, rogue, mage, primalist and warrior. I already have a warrior (my main) and cleric at 70, so working on mage 67, rogue 67 and primalist 68. So this day I messed around with the builds of them and tested them out for leveling, so see if they can better survive, and the builds are amazing.

Day 61/100: ESO

I am out in East March dealing with a classic story of Lion King only with Nords and there is an extra sibling, the dark sibling who was exiled wants to be king and has to pluck his dead sisters soul from souvengarde and wear the crown and the living king thinks that is bad and wants to stop him, and lets say the story telling of this Nord drama is hands down much better than the swamp lizards and dark elves problems….but I am also a Nord….so I might be bias.

62/100: Saints Row 3

I mostly ran around and played mini games, like tank where you just blow stuff up and rack in money, insurance fraud, where you run out into traffic and let cars hit you racking up the most money and professor geniko fun time murder time, where its a game show of survival and  beating the clock and then good ol fashion gang fights.

63/100: Path of Exile

I moved through the quest line, still getting killed by cannibals that throw rocks and crabs and finally pushed into Act 2, where there are things called blood apes that all from the trees and mangle you….sooooo enjoying that…hint at my sarcasm there.

Day 64/100: Atlas Reactor

Still the forever grind for Season Lvl 100, but this was hard as a Tournie has started and all the big dogs are out and wiping my Kelari butt up and down the maps, will have to buckle up and really work on trying to beat these guys. Must get to 100, must have sparkly golden banner and title.

Day 65/100: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Soooo I downloaded this off a private wow server, has all the games to pick from except Draenor and Legion, but whatever game you pick that is the cap of level you can get too. I was a classic WoW player and up the Lich King was great in my opinion, anything past that, was le crap once again in my opinion. Sooo I downloaded Lich King, and rolled a Draenei Shaman.

Now back in the day when WoW was brand new I play a night elf priest until the greatest game ever Burning Crusade game out and rolled all Draenei and fell in love with that race, so naturally had to play that on this. My old main thousand years ago was a shammy so its going to be shammy now too. Total nostalgia going back and playing and leveling.

I always loved questing in this game and will love adding this to the line up for Throwback Thursday.

The Backlog Episode 9 (Day 59): The Godfather: Blackhand Edition

Another week goes by and another backlog title comes up. Tonight we travel back to the 30s in the streets of Little Italy as we play the newest recruit in the Corleone family’s organization. Personally picked as a favor by Don Corleone himself, you begin your climb from just a street thug to a made-man in the organization. And after a few hours I can honestly say I see some promise in this game, and, given time to get used to some of it’s lesser points, I could really enjoy this game. However, it’s also a shame because it’s clear those lesser points are because this version for the Nintendo Wii was clearly ported from more traditionally controlling platforms. Allow me to explain.

When the game opens up you begin wandering with Luca from the movie teaching you to fight by having you beat the shit out of the thugs that until that moment you were running with. Pretty bad-ass mafia stuff, and while the controls are not perfect, you hold down a button and lock onto your target and punch forward/round-house style to do as he says… and it feels very satisfying to be quite honest.

And after showing you how to save your game by guiding you to your safe house, you begin shaking people down for protection money and beating two thugs down who send a young woman to the hospital. Again, more smacking things and people around and equal parts satisfying as hell kicking their asses and awkward as the controls work “well enough” to get the job done. And then you get to learning to shoot…. and the game immediately makes what I mean obvious as the gunplay rather then relying on your pointer by default and using the buttons to control cover and movement, goes to an auto-aim garbage that wont let your cursor leave who it’s locked onto… for a pointing controller. It’s clunky, awkward and all together too easy as you basically take cover, hold a button and pull the trigger on the wiimote to kill just about anyone.

I think when the time comes to play this game, I will enjoy it overall, but I can’t help but feel like that gunplay is telling me I have the second-rate port of the game, and if I ever find it for the PC or even another console, I should consider replacing my copy with the ones they actually developed the game for, no matter how satisfying it is to basically box thugs on the street into their demise as it is with this game.

Path of Exile

59/100: Path of Exile

If….you are a Diablo 2 fan….this is the best game for you, this game is sooooo much like it, its scary. I loooove this game!

But there are six classes to play from, Ranger, Duelist, Shadow, Marauder, Witch and Templar. You weapons and armor have sockets on them, based of the three different skills, strength, dexterity and intelligence. Green are dexterity, blue are intelligence and red are strength. The things that fit into the sockets are your abilities. The classes do eventually break away and you can choose between one or another depending on your desired build.

The skill tree in this game is immense. Wait let me show a picture of this….

Yeaaaah….complex inst it….


Lots to Update

Day 54/100: ESO

Soooo this day I ran into a random town of grey people, like the whole town of peoples were gray, thinking they were dark elves, took me a minute to realize…they were humans and orcs, and I am like? There is no gray humans and orcs in this game…What gives? They then said they were cursed and turned all into Skeletons!!!!!

So did a bunch of quest for them and eventually you have to decide if they will stay cursed or if you will finally let them move on and rest. I chose for them to rest and then it gave me a skeleton polymorph so now I can be super obnoxious and dance around towns as a skeleton. Wee!

Day 55/100: Fallout 4

Sooooo on this lovely day, I went about doing more Nuka World DLC, went exploring outside Nuka World to see what I could find, found a haunted mansion, some crazy space loving cultist and bunch of bugs and dead things, a power suit, which lead me to go gaterclaw hunting…which started a lovely quest…

So Cito…a caveman who was raised by gorillas, very Tarzan like, wants to kill the monsters who hurt his family…which by the way they are ghoul gorillas….but you find out the gaterclaws were made for security once long ago then cloned to make food some hippies revolted and let them free and let to a lot of deaths, in a park….these things look like dinosaurs…very…I dont know Jurassic Parkish…but have to kill all of them and turn off the cloning machine and then convince Cito to live so the raiders wont kill him, which I did.

Day 56 & 57/100: Atlas Reactor

Lets keep this as simple as we can I am trying to farm Season lvl 100, and that is why I doubled up on Atlas Reactor days, getting there at lvl 81.

Day 58/100: Saints Row 3

This was Throwback Thursday and for me wanted to play a classic, or a classic to me. I saw this was now backwards compatible on the Xbone and downloaded and played it, my all time favorite of the Saints Row series, because you truly get to customize your character. Which is important for me in games, but you start off robbing a bank and get caught, and thrown in jail, playing as the boss of the street gang The Saints. You find out there is a new gang in town from Belgium call the Syndicate, they killed your beloved friend Johnny so you start to go on a war path to shut him down, doing things from here to there, teaming up with new friends and played until I got him killed.



Cola’s and blocks and rifts galore

51/100: Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

Now….if you have asked anyone about Fallout 4 they would say its hard right? Mean the normal blowing of your face off, and running around and massive death, yeah its pretty crazy. But Nuka World? Nuka World son is hard. Hard is like saying its easy, its hardcore, just getting there in a gauntlet of death was hard enough, now you have to fued with raiders and make the land grand again and go explore and claim areas for the raider gangs…mean…..

You literally have to go through death and hand basket for these raider gangs….one is bloodworm infested which is straight out of Tremors, like where is Kevin Bacon at yo? Makes my Bacon number a 2 right? Then you have a robot deathmatch area, a ghoul infested area, mirelurker area and then the new deathclaw….a gatorclaw, because why not add alligator to that mess of cess pool right?

Cant imagine how I will beat this dlc.

52/100: Rift

Did my varierty of lvl 70 work, cleared the raid Tartaric Depths aka TDez twice, finally got my trinket to drop. FINALLY! Only farmed that place like 30 times, we got the council bug and had to reset, hence why we cleared it twice, or 1.5 cleared it. Then did a dungeon run with my guildees, and then leveled a warrior that was power leveled to 65, big life lesson here…..


You will die when you start to take them serious.

53/100: Trove

Trove is a open world  adventure game with countless realms filled with quests, chests, and enemies both great and small. The gameplay favors minecraft but it is not MINECRAFT.  It is a MMO cube game, think of that way. You can play as so many kinds of classes, you have classes such as dino tamer, chloromancer, lunar lancer, tomb raiser, boomranger, shadow hunter, candy barbarian, ice sage, neon ninja and more. There are soooo many options of what to be.

From castles and palaces to caverns and crypts to beehives, lava infested ice blocks (yes I know it doesnt make sense) to water towers and more, dungeons are home to the deadliest villains and rarest gear in the land. Their immense interiors are filled with minions, traps, and bosses ready to put your skills to the test. Lairs are mini-sized dungeons.

You have so many different world options or realms as they call it, a undead world, candy realm, desert frontier, a forest, a ice world, a dinosaur world, a faerie world, and more. The options are endless here.

The Backlog Episode 8 (Day 52): Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

And once again the backlog brings us another total history-less game from my collection. Like most of the games I still have downloaded on my 360, this was a free title I got when my brothers game me XBL as a b-day gift, but since it was on my console hard drive when the machine’s online capacity finally gave out, here it is… and I have to say, this one did not impress me at all.

Army of Two is basically a tag-team cover-shooter which will have either you and an AI or another player fighting your way through various missions against hoards of enemies in a modern times setting. Since I am the only one home, I had to settle for the AI, but at least I can say the guy was competant. In the hour I played, he only fell once. However, this game has a much bigger issue… the controls just plain feel janky, be it switching between walk or run, aiming, or even taking cover.

I know for a fact that this is not just because it’s played on a controller as Resident Evil: Revilations 2 felt tons better last week, but I couldn’t really place why, until I stopped trying. You see, this game is overly-auto aimed to the point that you really have to let go of the control and pretty much let the game take care of a lot of it for you. The moment I did that, the game got a lot smoother, aiming in a general direction and using the aim command to zoom in and correct severely for itself rather then try to do it myself and as a result fight the game. It still felt wrong though, at least coming from a mouse-aiming background.

Honestly, I can not recommend this game in particular, unless you do it for the kids. After all, sometimes its fun to play the not-so-great titles as a challenge to help the kids. Then go for it! It’s not so bad that you wont have fun playing with your fellow gamers… it’s just… well… clunky if you choose to try to do it yourself and not work with the game instead. But going it to just have fun… I think you can do better…

We are halfway there!!!

Day 49/100: ArcheAge

Proceeded to play my spellbow character and roam around getting lost in a capital city, and fighting strange spiders out in the farms, moving to the next area where the monsters are all like 3-4 levels higher than me, so I am getting wrecked, but my internet was slow this day so things did not load and I got killed a bunch. So many ghost npcs….so many.

Day 50/100: Paladins and Atlas Reactor

Paladins is a free to play shooter hero game. The heroes fall into four different catergories, flank, frontline, damage and support. Frontline is your tank, damage are your dps type, support are your healers and flank are high dps damage characters, fast, but with lower health.

The game offers a variety of game modes, such as payload, seige, onslaught, survive, and co-op. The game is similar to Overwatch.

Atlas Reactor I ventured into playing four lancer matches, the new game mode, that allows you to control all four lancers, so its 1v1. Love this game mode!

Day 48/100: Aion

This game has been recommended to me months ago on Rift, and decided to give this a try on my MMO Madness stream for a change. Aion is a MMORPG, game is a pvp/ pve setting. So you pick a server and the race  you will be, and choose wisely cause your not able to play as the other ever, unless you delete the character of the other race. Game caters to your dark side or light side, mean you can pick an angel based race or a demon based race.

The class system is fun, seems very D&D based, you have a base class and then afterwards you have a secondary tree to head into. There are six main classes, and at lvl 10 you branch off into your secondary classes, which you choose which is more for you. The classes are Warrior, Mage, Scout, Priest, Technist or Muse. The only class that does not have two sub classes is Muse, it is the only one that has one. Warriors may become a Templar or a Gladiator; Mages may become a Sorcerer or Spiritmaster; Scouts may become an Assassin or Ranger; Priests may become a Cleric or a Chanter; Technists may become a Gunslinger or Aethertech; and a Muse will become a Songweaver.

Now the vain reason I joined is the wings….YOU CAN FLY IN THIS GAME! More than enough reason to play right? For me it was, but after playing for few hours the dynamic combo system and how much it reminds me of the GW2 and ArcheAge kept me playing.