The Backlog Episode 2 (Day 10): Contra and… Blaster Master?!?!?

Well it’s Friday, and in addition to being a good reason to get some whiskey (or whatever you choose), to cap off the night, it also means tonight the game for the 100 Days of Gaming would be a new-comer to try to finish. Since Last week came from my collection of physical media, tonight would come from the digital realms of the Wii and WiiU… and I will admit, I was excited to see Contra: Rebirth selected. After all, it was supposedly modeled after Contra III: The Alien Wars which was one of the games that sold me on getting an SNES back in the 1990s.

But it didn’t take long for something to show itself to be amiss… starting with the ability to use both weapons at once when flipping. I tried various ways to dual wield, but could find nothing. And then I started to play and the game was ridiculously hard. I mean, yeah, Contra is known as a challenging series of games, but it’s also a generally clean series that allows you to see what’s going on. I could not claim that in this case, as my first death came hidden behind enough explosions to hide entire enemies as well as the bullet they shot. LIterally, I only saw the enemy on my second try.

Figuring I just sucked at the game for not having played a shoot’em-up of this type for many years, I turned down the difficulty after a few more failures to get through the first level, which did help, but level two would only enforce the game’s reliance on cheap deaths by spawning enemies inches in front of your character’s face and shooting, all but ensuring anyone who didnt know in advance that enemy would be there to lose a life in classic Contra one-hit kill style. This is annoying but not as damning as the boss to complete this level, as it has an NRG pattern that can force you to die by punch to the face (it is a 2 story tall robot).

Now I won’t say I was very good at the game by any means, but I’m not sure it’s worth the time to get good either. Comparing it to my memories of the original trilogy, it felt cluttered and like it was only half-way implementing everything what features were available, all the while trying to use those games (especially the third one) to remind you of how awesome they were and ride on that rather then just being another great game in the series itself. It’s available on the WIi store (yeah, the original, but you CAN access it on the WIiU), but I don’t think I would recommend it based on this introduction.

Still, the introduction was only half-an-hour, so I owed you guys a little more. I had the WiiU running so.. screw it! Let the dice roll for the next game on it! And… the dice punished me… hard. The next game was one I knew sucked already as I had tried to play it long ago…. Blaster Master Overdrive. Like Contra Rebirth, I picked this one up immediately wanting more of the awesome I remembered from the NES original…. this one was the game that finally taught me better.

RIght off the bat, the game hints at how bad it’s going to be by requiring you to use the Wiimote only. The lack of support for even the classic controller just shows the level of care that went into this “sequel/reboot.” Once you actually start playing the tank feels slow and clunky, even compared to the original game. And it does not help that the camera lets you get close enough to the edge of the screen you are going to that you can easily run into any enemy if you dont take your time.  But the ground at least feels better and more like the original game, but it cant save this title.

But at least tonight was entertaining as we broke the game by dying and reloading, causing weapon upgrades to re appear and build all my weapons to max power, seeing this for the first time

As with Contra, this game is simply not worth your money. Although in this case, you have a much better remake available if the itch for new Blaster Master hits you… Blaster Master Zero. Go play that one.

The Seasonal Grind

Day 9/100: Atlas Reactor

I had intentions of playing The Sims 4 today, but today was a day where pain won the game of life, so decided to so something that gave purpose, not that Sims 4 cannot have purpose, but hey I know that Season 3 Chapter 4 missions are coming out next week and it felt like a little mission to get those done.

So Atlas Reactor, my second favorite game by Trion, love it for all the variety in the game, but then there is also missions, while like Heroes of the Storm has missions, this are a little more complex if that says something.

While in Heroes the quest might be win three games, play eight games, play as a assassin character, fine and all, but still easy. Atlas Reactor give you challenges like heal someone for 1000 hp, or do 5000 damage, win 10 matches with 10 different lancers, use taunts, use overcons, collect 100 powerups of matches you win. Those are challenging, at least to me, as all the Season 3 Chapter 3  missions only went towards the quest if you won the match, so had to rack up in a lot of games to win and it count for the mission.

You have several weeks between each chapter and you can also backtrack, but been trying to stay ahead and not get behind, because chapter one I have to grind the night of the start of chapter two, literally finished chapter one like ten minutes before server came down and chapter two start. TALK about anxiety rage mode. But you can backtrack, so sort of did that rage mode for nothing. T…T

Look out Season 3 Chapter 4, ready for your quest, so Bring it!

First “Backlog” Epsiode: Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword

Before I begin, I would just like to take this moment and say hi to everyone here. I was part of the 100 Days of Gaming last year, but outside of the hashtag before each stream, was fairly quiet. But I thought it would be fun to take part in the main posts this year and thankful for the chance. (Btw, thank you Zaldar for introducing me to this last year and letting me know both that it was on again and there is a page this year. And thank you Herobyclicking for offering to do these posts.) The only other thing I have to say here is that I’ve been an Extra Lifer since the first one, and watched it grow in awe. (If you were there to see it start on Sarcastic Gamer too, I was the community member Diortem and a bit of a regular to the site.) So really, thank you guys for making amazing event even cooler.

But enough on all that… I’m hear because once a week during this event, I will be taking a break from the main games I am trying to finish to try out something that’s been sitting around in my collection waiting to be played. Keep in mind, this selection is about showing some love to some new (to me) games and systems I am currently not playing, so as long as my main games sit on PC and PS3, these systems will not be touched in this section, but aside from that, the dice decide what I try for an hour or two. My first session was last Friday (which will be the day I do this from now on) in which the dice picked a disc-based Wii game: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Now when I picked this game up, it was something I did by chance. I believe I was even in the Toys R Us because I needed a gift for the office Christmas gift swap (Im lucky to work with a group of people as sick as I am…. very lucky indeed), and since I was there, I figured I would check out the games in case I found some gem for the older consoles… and I stumbled on not only the then newest Zelda title, but a version that included a CD sound track… and for cheap. Yeah, I wasn’t leaving it behind, but it only got a test run to ensure the game would run when I got home. After that, I put it on the shelf… until this Friday when the dice decided it was time to play.

Now I wont say I was expecting a lot from this game. You see, I have a few Zelda nuts as friends… one never played the game and the other hated it due to the way you have to fly the bird in the game. Not being a huge fan of the franchise myself, this means a lot going in, but I do not believe I agree with her.

First off, I found the game very story driven as for the first few hours we followed Link through a very tutorial-like mission to find his missing loftwing: a giant bird you will use to fly throughout the game once you have freed it from it’s prison. And while my time flying was limited, it felt absolutely perfect using the Wiimote’s position to control the direction you fly (as well as using gravity like a speed boost. Apparently there is combat that will go on with this and her big issue was trying to aim while doing this, but I will have to see later. Sadly 2 hours was not enough to get to a point where you fight while on the back of this bird.

But that is not to say that I didn’t get to see any combat. In fact I got to see a fair bit of sword fighting between training on logs and the cave you have to go through to save that bird, and to be honest it felt great. The Wiimote Plus was used quite well to reflect the position as well as the location of your sword as you swing at enemies in 9 different directions, and it picks up the difference between these moves very effectively. The only issue I had with sword-play I think was my doing as there were times I wanted to bring the blade down on slimes and saw Link instead rip them up bottom first, but I think it was because I brought the wiimote up fast enough to setup for this that the game thought it was an upward swing.

However, that isn’t to say I didn’t find a major problem with the game, and that would be the camera. You see this camera is designed to follow you and outside of the command to lock onto whatever is in front of you, you have no control over it. In general this is not an issue, but it makes platforming a real bear when it wants to. This is demonstrated in the very first area the game wants to teach you how you jump and climb right as you leave the first building in the game. You simply will not make it if you don’t use the lock-on trick to center the camera behind you as what should be a straight-left jump curves with the angle of the camera as Link moves. It is unnecessarily frustrating and feels like a warning of what is likely coming down the line in later puzzles.

Overall, however, I get the feeling that I am going to enjoy this game when I play it for real, and I had a lot of fun with it in the short time I spent it got for the 100 days of gaming. While I am in no rush to play it again right now, I look forward to coming back for more.

Day 6 – 8

Day 6 & 7/100: Fallout 4

Outside of Rift and Trion Games, I am quite the Bethesda fan girl, the Fallout series is one of my favorite game series, and it is very hard for you to get me to pick one of the games to love the most (Fallout 3 is the one winning of the games) they each have something about them I love. Fallout 4 is the newest edition to the list, and will say they added a lot more Wow to this game.

How does one define such Wow? Well sure there is wonderful graphics, but my wow for me is there is no where save in the wasteland…mean you run away from one thing and run into another, and then the next and the next until you find yourself hiding in a camper in the fetal position crying…or is that just me? You feel like your actually trying to survive. Which hey if the world is a dystopia apocalyptic wasteland, then yes you should be surviving it. The decisions in this game is so much more heavy, like it greatly effects how other NPCs interact with you. Now my one con is they made the Brotherhood of Steel come off as jerks….come  on those were my heroes in Fallout 3…. le sigh, part of me roots for them still, but they are jerks in Fallout 4.

Oh and what do Mirelurkers have against me? I swear they are out to Liam Nessom me..they dont know who I am, but they will find me and kill me. I never succeed in my stream challenge, always challenge myself to not scream…but I always scream. Yesterday screamed about…a scorpion. To be fair they were HUGE and two of them and they jumped right into my screen when I turned around.

Day 8/100: Heroes of the Storm 

On today’s roster of games to play, I will be playing Heroes of the Storm. This is my current favorite Moba, which I am never been the biggest fans of before this, because well, you have objectives, and challenges, and quest and can collect things. Anyone who is an achievement hunter, from other games, loves to collect things. makes grabby hands

I have a hard time picking who my favorite Heroes are of this game, think Nazeebo and Cassia, there are so many to pick from. But Heroes offers many ways to play the game, against AI, PVP, Ranked matches, custom matches and then my favorite….Brawl.

Brawl is always some themed match, where you do not get to pick your hero. Your stuck with either a selection or one picked for you already, which really challenges your gameplay, most of the time I am stuck with melee characters which I am not the good at, or support characters that I don’t do well with…or then those random characters I have never played and don’t know any of the moves too. Its challenging but lots of fun. Highly recommend this game.

95 more days to go!

Day 5/100: Rift Summerfest

As I may of said before Rift is my main game, will probably be on this list a lot…fair warning, be prepare to read about Rift a lot. But for today I did the Summerfest themed stuff, which involves, fishing, scavenger hunts, a corgi fashion (yes a corgi fashion show) and capturing different monsters around the world.

There are 50 Scavenger Hunt quest total, all over the world expect in the new area, re-visit the old content, in these crazy hunts, where they have to a variety of strange things to hugging a evil elf, squirting some seacaps (like crabs) with water gun, to a snowboard race down a giant mountain, to even finding Grandfather Frost (The Rift universes Santa Claus) which by the way….his house has a mail box, so he does get your letters when you wish for a pony.

The scavenger hunts award you with friendship bracelets and summer merit badges which you can exchange for wardrobe, dimension items, mounts and more. Summerfest is one of the four world events that Rift does, and can be time consuming with the hunts, so if your going to try Rift to get on this nice items, recommend you to hop to it now!

Day Four with Cuddles

Day 4/100: Rift

Anyone who knows me knows I love Rift, mean my name is KelariCuddles…. Kelari’s are a race within the game, so no brainer there right? Unless you dont know they are a race in the game, then hear to tell you….wait for it whispers Kelari’s are a race in Rift. Rift is an amazing MMO, that has multiple things to do it, so you should never find yourself bored, at least hey, I dont. And on top of that made loads of friends playing it so I do have many people to play with and have good laughs.

The game is free to play and until recently only level 1 to 65 was free to play and 66-70 required a expansion, well that is now free. So 1-70 levels of solid fun, you can do that the old fashion way and play all the quest and learn the rich lore of the game (Which I recommend) Cause if you plan to do end game stuff with raids it follows the story, and would hate you to be standing there going? What is going on? I mean right?

You have loads of PVE options, Instant Adventures, questing, dungeons, raids, PVP, Rift hunting, Achievement hunting, dimensions building, world events, crafting, an amazing wardrobe system and then my favorite role playing.

Rift is very customizeable, where most games leave you role specific, Rift you have options. There are five callings: Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Rouge and Primalist, each have 11 souls each to pick in your soul trees, almost 5k options, so little under 1k options per calling. You can be all roles (tank, support, dps, healer) so you can be a mage tank, or a warrior healer. The options are endless! Then you have a wardrobe system that is out of the world, every piece of gear, weapon or costume you pick up, saves to your wardrobe, so you can select the wardrobe slot and change how your character looks on all that stuff you have picked up. Cause sometimes the gear your wearing makes you look like a potato farmed clown in iron boots, not classy…so the wardrobe system lets you customize that!

Highly recommend the game. If what I said interest you here is the link to try out this amazing game.

KelariCuddles 100 Days of Gaming

Hearing about 100 Days of Gaming got me super stoked, was like YES a challenge I can do. Seeing as the 24 hour Gaming marathon is so my day, the count down up until the big day sounds fun. So lets play 100 games that lead to National day. Even in the spirit of 100 days of gaming, suggested to my local Extra Life Guild the possibility of getting together for a game night, even if we only get on Discord and play some multiplayer online game, or get together and actually play board games, none the less it supports the Extra Life community.

So this is to catalog my 100 days of gaming journey. Hopefully this inspires others to join, write, share, and create content as we move towards Game Day.

Day 1/100: Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor is a real time strategy game, created by Trion Worlds, as a Trion Creator, and Trion fangirl, always going to play a Trion game if I can, but this game is absolutely addicting. The Lancers are amazing, giving a variety of type of players to play.  Completely Free to play, loads of fun to have. Game is a 4v4 game, tactics heavy, but you have the options of playing against Bots, Players and when you have played 50 matches of PVP you can move forward into Ranked matches. You get 20 seconds per turn to come up with you move, then the game plays out, and then you move to the next turn until your team reaches 5 points of the highest amount of points in 20 turns.

Highly recommend this game, totally should give it a chance, mean you will either like it or not.

Day 2/100: Fallout 3

I wanted to personally play my favorite game of all time somewhere during this 100 days of gaming. I am aware of the game being mature in nature and can have a share of wordy dirties and some themes not appropriate for children, but it still my favorite game. This is a classic game for me, has all the things I greatly enjoy in games.

Open world, decision making, long long game play, rich story, keeps me highly entertained, sure it entertains you guys to hear me stream like a little girl when being chased by everything out to kill me, and well it also has James best video game dad ever and Vault Boy. And I was a sucker for the Brotherhood of Steel in this game, they were my heroes, they literally save my butt a feeeeew times against mutants and other overly radiated things out there. (WHY did they make em jerks in Fallout 4).

And as Day 3 lurks on by can go ahead and tell you what is in store for Day 3! So while yes Fallout 3 is my favorite game, I did not grow up playing that game. I am old here guys, so course I did not grow up playing the game, but I did grow up playing the Sims. So yes Day 3 will be me playing Sims 4 as I start another challenge known as the generation/ 100 baby challenge. Start off with two adults and see where they go. Sure Sims 4 is not the game I grew up on but its the current one and the only one I have my hands on right now. Soooo….

Day 3/100: The Sims 4

I start this day with the generation baby challenge. 100 babies, wow that’s a lot of virtual babies….and they are not as easy I remember…they are kind of hard, they cry a lot, want food all the time, and lets not get started on diapers….hey its like real kids but digital. But the Sims are so random and so hilarious, there is no wonder why the game is still around. You can create artificial simulated lives, and if you have the expansions you can make them vampires to live out your Louis and Lestat dreams if you want. Sims 4 took the Sim world by storm by driving the game towards emotions, which hey is like real life. People are emotional creatures and we act different when were happy, or sad or mad, or embarrassed or flirty, so to have sims have the same interface made this game dynamic from the rest of the Sim collection.

I encourage everyone to get out there and play games, mean 100 days goes by quick and 100 days of games will make it that much more quick and that much more entertaining. I just hope my progress, cataloging it will inspire other Extra Lifers, streamers and gamers join this cause, do the challenge and get there energy drink and coffee on November 4th for Game Day. If you have any games to recommend to me on my journey let me know, always willing to try something out.

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