The Seasonal Grind

Day 9/100: Atlas Reactor

I had intentions of playing The Sims 4 today, but today was a day where pain won the game of life, so decided to so something that gave purpose, not that Sims 4 cannot have purpose, but hey I know that Season 3 Chapter 4 missions are coming out next week and it felt like a little mission to get those done.

So Atlas Reactor, my second favorite game by Trion, love it for all the variety in the game, but then there is also missions, while like Heroes of the Storm has missions, this are a little more complex if that says something.

While in Heroes the quest might be win three games, play eight games, play as a assassin character, fine and all, but still easy. Atlas Reactor give you challenges like heal someone for 1000 hp, or do 5000 damage, win 10 matches with 10 different lancers, use taunts, use overcons, collect 100 powerups of matches you win. Those are challenging, at least to me, as all the Season 3 Chapter 3  missions only went towards the quest if you won the match, so had to rack up in a lot of games to win and it count for the mission.

You have several weeks between each chapter and you can also backtrack, but been trying to stay ahead and not get behind, because chapter one I have to grind the night of the start of chapter two, literally finished chapter one like ten minutes before server came down and chapter two start. TALK about anxiety rage mode. But you can backtrack, so sort of did that rage mode for nothing. T…T

Look out Season 3 Chapter 4, ready for your quest, so Bring it!

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