10 more days!

Day 89/100: Atlas Reactor

The new chapter started and have to get on the new chapter missions. They now do the missions weekly, to bring more activity into the game. Chapter 3 missions brought out ranked games, and a whole new string of missions, the current ones that i am working towards are:

  • Play 5 matches  as a fire power lancer (damage dealing characters)
  • Play 5 matches with a friend
  • Do 5k damage
  • Collect 60 power ups in matches you win
  • Perform 10 take downs on 5 different lancers

Day 90/100: Heroes of the Storm

Worked on my dailies, and tried to do the brawl, but it is all Nova’s and I am straight garbage with Nova, so only did warrior matches and one specialist match and that was the end of this game.

Past 4 days

Day 85&86/100:  Rift

I got hosted by Trion this day, and I held a spooktacular costume contest, where people had 2 minutes to get into wardrobe based on a theme I gave them. Some of the themes were candy corn, bride of Frankenstein, vampire hunter, a pumpkin that aint orange. All the winners of the mini round got a snail mount and the grand prize winner got a prize from Trion a mummy squirrel mount and 3k credits and 15 days patron time.

Day 86 on Rift played Rift with my friends, working on dimensions.

Day 87/100: Gone Home

Gone Home is a first-person adventure exploration game. You take the place of Katie looking around the house after being gone in Europe to figure out where your  sister Sam went. The game is rather short, beat it in a hour, but none the less was still fun to play through.

Day 88/100: ESO

I started the witch festival, and ended up just doing the main quest while seeking out a pumpkin which I had to steal from a tavern, get some guts which killed a rabbit for, now looking for a evil essences because apparently witches like the stench of death and all three of these together make a death perfume the witches love. All this for goodies.


The Backlog Episode 12 (Day 86): No More Heroes

I was one of them back in the day. When it was still schedualed to arrive in stores yet, I wanted a Wii. While everyone else was fawning over Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as the absolute go-to launch game for the system, I was looking past that to a game that was supposed to be a launch, but delayed till the next year: Metroid Prime 3. But still, my faith in that game’s coming goodness was enough to bring me in to the system and “hold on for now” with what was admittedly an exceptional Zelda game. (And as a side note, the game was EVERYTHING I wanted from it when it finally launched.)

However, this would not be the only game I got for the system… some great, some terrible, but No More Heroes would be one I picked up at a bargain and let sit collecting dust on the shelf for years. Yesterday, I finally gave it a go…. and… Im not completely sure what the hell I just played.

The game opens up with you controlling Travis Touchdown as he leaves his apartment, and then a small rant about the patients of the gaming audience and the most insanely brief synopsis EXPLAINED BY TRAVIS HIMSELF about what you are doing and why… to the point of non-sense really. But I gotta admit, I loved the gung-ho style it all brought together so, after playing the optional tutorial to learn how the game plays, it was right off to the races and your first assassination! Straight to the action, just like the man said.

And honestly, it was pretty damn cool! Laser swords flashing, blood flying in completely 80s/90s cheesey form, and so much going on on the screen at times that you really are not sure what’s important… only that the whole effect is busy and interesting to look at! And then when you get to actual combat, the mechanics are very solid.

But then it was over and I had to get a job…. hitting trees and collecting coconuts…. in a video game…. about killing the top killers in the world to become number one… at killing…. collecting coconuts….. with a time limit… and getting hit in the head to lose time…. cause you cant be sure where they will fall…

Yeah, well that was a really bi-polar experience. Honestly, Im gonna admit, I kinda want to get to this game, but at the same time, any hype about the came fell to the floor with that second part. I will enjoy it when I get there, but there is no reason to worry about when that will be.

Kelari Backtrack

I know I know been slacking have lots of catching up to do, so here we go!

Day 75/100: Atlas Reactor

Worked on getting Season lvl 100, and on this day finally reached it. Was a great success.

Day 76/100: Creative Stream

I did an old age face paint, and made myself into an old lady wearing makeup named Fran, wore a head scarf and a shirt my mom gave me and all, and it was sooooo funny at the end.

Day 77/100: Trove

I was hoping to do more pirate stuff, but the quest had come and gone, so worked on getting to lvl 20 mastery of personal level and cholormancer lvl 20, managed to get to lvl 19 mastery and 13 cholormancer lvl. The point of these levels is you get in game rewards on Rift from it. I wants Rift Goodies!

Day 78/100: Rift

Did Rift Raiding, was a total grind fest, just grinding grinding grinding, upgrading some gear here and there and then finally got all full easy mode raid gear. Working towards be able to get into the new raid soon.

Day 79&80/100: Trion’s Extra Life Event

This day I did a 24 hour Extra Life event, played all 6 Trion games in the hopes to raise $150. I played Defiance, Trove, Atlas Reactor, Rift, ArcheAge and Devilian, and in the 24 hours did succeed in raising the $150. This Kelari is dying her hair blue now.

Day 81/100: Dead Space

On Sundays I do this thing called Scary Sundays, only in the month of October, and play the game that scares me the most, and to me that was the Dead Space series, not that the game was scary more like it had toooo many pop up parts and makes me squeal like a little girl. The story of the game is wonderful and its a great horror genre, but it does make you mad paranoid. Stomp everything!

Day 82/100: ESO

Did some more mage guilds quest, got to meet Uncle Leo, and once womanizer turned uggo flesh monster, then had to deal with some Nord drama, sorting out why tree monsters and trolls were mad, come to find they were on land that did not belong to them. Go figure right?

Day 83/100: ArcheAge

I furthered worked on my Spellbow character, dying a lot so starting to think my options of a spell slinging archer is a bad idea.

Day 84/100: Borderlands

Throwback Thursday stream brought us to Borderlands, a classic game for me, love all the characters, the stories, the quotes, the things people say and everything. Classic first person shooter, open world with roleplay elements. What else could you ask for? Oh then there is claptrap <3 still want to grow up and be him.


The Backlog Episode 12 (Day 79): Red Faction Guerrilla

With Friday’s arrival comes another back-log day for the 100 days of gaming. This time we would visit a game downloaded to the Xbox 360. Specifically Red Faction Guerrilla. This, like many games we have touched on here so far, is not a game I have a lot of history with. Rather it is yet another title I could keep from my days with an active XBL account. However this time, I did at least remember my brother playing the original Red Faction on his PC before he abandoned the platform for the 360 entirely (and in his case, it wasn’t a bad move at the time as the expense myth was still real AND he had no interest in the tech itself).

The game itself started off with a nice little opening cutscene to explain that, once again, Mars is in turmoil and a “Red Faction” resistance movement has arrisen among the miners who work the planet. And then you are off to your first destructions mission. It isn’t much, more then an introduction to the mechanic, but it does an amazing job leading up to why you join the resistance and setting up a revenge narrative for the main story.

I found the game to play very well with the exception of selecting weapons. While innovative, the fact that you can only have four and have to hit a bumper on the controller felt a little out of the way, but not too bad. Rather it was back at base when selecting your weapon load-out where things got weird as suddenly your button to back out of the menu was now a selection to put your gun in.

And if THIS is the best complaint I could find, you KNOW you are in for a good time! I’m going to enjoy this one when I get to it, though I’m likely not even going to have these issues, as I have this game now for PC (thanks to Wal-Mart clearance, I picked up all 4 games for $5 sometime last year), and the series just ramped up my interested when it comes along to play.

Day 71/100: Rift

I have been starting to dabble into the sagas of Rift. The sagas dabble more into the lore of the cults that plagued Telara in Vanilla rift, as well as the add ons from Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide. The saga I completed is the Abyssal Saga, story that follows the water cult, as a Defiant member we have someone in the ranks that used to be an Abyssal so you get to follow his personal story….and lets just say…now that I know the Faceless man name is Henry….that is all I will ever call him.

Day 72/100: Playerunknown’s Battleground

Now, this game is rather popular right now, but if you ever seen the movie Battle Royale, it is very much that….your thrown from a plane on some unknown mystery island, landing in places full of weapons, and last man or woman standing is well the winner, there are zones you have to stand in or your killed, randomly spots will be picked to be bombed, and you better be inside. The game is highly addictive and is hard to get used at first, lets say I die a lot…almost killed someone but the lag got me.

Day 73/100: Atlas Reactor

This was special day, participated in a 4lancer tournament, you had to preselect your team ahead of time, my lancers I picked were Rampart, Aurora, Gremos and Blackburn, think I could of went a different direction, but the team was a classic set up. The first round there was no one to face me, so moved automatically to the second round, where I versed someone with all four lancers mastery in them. So knew my butt would be hurting.

But to surprise did pretty alright against them. Still lost, but it was nice to play with the big dogs for a change, know what I need to work on now, and will be working on that to get better and be more a threat.

Day 74/100: Black Desesrt Online

There are so many classes to start off with in BDO so coming up with what to be at first is difficult, my classic thinking is hey be a ranger,  better to be away from the targets while you learn the game, and while ranger is fun, figured why not lets try a melee class, so picked Tamer. I am glad I did. I love this class!

Tamers are fast place melee AOE class, with high mobility but low defense, so we can unleash damage but we do not like taking it, hear the rumor that at lvl 20 I get to summon my first pet, which, I am close at lvl 18, where the pet/ beast will aid me in combat and eventually become a mount. Wee!



The Backlog Episode 11 (Day 72): Monaco and Gears of War Judgement

Another week, and we get to spend a little time with another system we simply are not right now. Today’s system was the Xbox One with a game I literally had downloaded on the Xbox 360 because it was free with Xbox LIVE. It made it to the Xbox One as one of the backwards compatibility titles. So last night, I was walking into a completely blind situation. Continue reading “The Backlog Episode 11 (Day 72): Monaco and Gears of War Judgement”

Zombies, a birthday and whole lot of 8 bit

Day 68/100: Creative Stream

Sooooo in the month of October told the interwebs I would be face painting myself every Tuesday to a different Halloween theme, the first week was face painting myself to be a zombie. And did just that. Oh and it was gross, used different methods to make broken skin and bubbling blisters, and everything on my face was regular make up or cream paint that face painters use or even blood.

Day 69/100: Atlas Reactor

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Atlas Reactor! Happy birthday to this great game! And recommend everyone to join this game between now and October 9th as you can get all kinds of amazing loot! You get 3 lancers to keep forever (if you do not have the pack) Asana, Blackburn and Helio, and you get 9 loot matrixes, 3 for each lancer that you get for free! the store items are 50% off. I am still shooting for lvl 100 and with this anniversary event you get double lancer exp and flux exp, so people are gaming it up, sitting at lvl 91, have 5 more days to get to season lvl 100.

Day 70/100: Trove 

On the quest to lvl my chloromancer to lvl 20 to get RIft loot. Today is 8bit themed, since trove looks like 8 bit, going to play 8bit music in the stream and play a few hours of Trove.

Black Desert Online

Day 67/100: Black Desert Online

This…game is breath taking…how much you can customize the way your character looks is insane! You just have to see it to believe it and the combat system? Refreshingly new way on the MMO genre! The game is a action MMO RRG. The game has a variety of sand box features, such as weather, (can even typhoon apparently and really ruin that cool hair do) time changes to day and night, there is player homes, a very active combat system.

The combat system has dodging, precise aiming and combos. There is mounted combat and mounts must be cared for, not stored in inventory, mounts require being fed and loved on, as if it was a real dang horse.

The plot from what I see so far is revolves around the conflict of two rival nations the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Calpheon is very materialistic where as Valencia is very spiritual. Long before Black Desert Online starts, the four main areas, Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, and Mediah, are at peace. This all changes when merchants from Valencia, an area in Mediah that controls trade, starts to spread the black plague which many people from around the world die due to this sickness. Eventually, the three main areas realize the enemy, Valencia. The three regions make an alliance and start a war. The war lasts 30 years and Mediah profits the most. This is because Mediah, during the war, harvests black stones and trades with everyone. After the war, the alliance slowly starts to trade with Valencia again. Tensions rise again when the others discover the importance of black stones.

So far the game is refreshing and different from anything I have ever seen i nthe MMO genre.

Story Time with KelariCuddles

Day 66/100: The Walking Dead and Life is Strange

These are both descion making story telling games, the choices you make, make for interesting outcomes, and with more decisions to be made more combinations of how the story will go. First we start with the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead follows the story of a man named Lee Everett and the little girl  named Clementine, Lee is on his way to the big house for murdering a senator that his wife cheated on him with, on the way the cop hits a guy on the interstate and causes them to wreck, Lee passes out while you hear the horrors of gunshot and screams go off in the background, eventually Lee passes out and you wake up what seems  hours later with a messed up leg. You have to break out the car and then head over to the cop to see he is dead wanting to get the cuffs off, you get them off and the cop springs back to life, and you must fight to survive. You can back away and grab the shot gun left near the wreckage and take care of the zombie struggle and see a mysterious figure in the distance, going after it as more zombies show up.

You get to the mysterious figures house and find it is just a child, left at home with a zombiefied baby sitter, who the child helps you take care off by giving you a hammer. You promise to take care of the girl and go to seek shelter, seeing two guys outside trying to push a car out the way so they can use a truck to get home, you help them and the undead show up and you go with them, going to Hershel Greene’s office, where I chose to lie about who I was. Eventually his son gets snagged under a tracker and you have to choose to save him or Duck (a little kid) I choose to save Hershel son but without help was not able to save him and he ends up dying, where Hershel gets mad and kicks everyone off his farm, myself, the little girl and the parents of Duck give me a ride to Macon, where we get stuck inside a drug store.

In the drug store we meet more characters, Glenn decides to see about looking for gas and leaves off with one of the walkies that Clementine has, one of the other people in the drug store Larry, real hateful man, has a heart condition and needs medicine but there is no way into the pharmacy, so Lee looks for a way finding a very zombified pharmacist outside, Glenn calls on the walkie saying he is pinned down and you and this reporter go to a motel to save Glenn where he tells you about a damsel in distress, so Lee quietly fights off zombies to get up to the damsel finding out she is bitten and she fights with the reporter trying to take her gun forcing the balcony to cave in everyone falling to the ground the damsel getting the gun and killing herself, she refused to turn into a zombie.

You head back to the drug store using the axe you found at the motel to gun open the gate and get the key off the zombie pharmacist, and into the drug store, getting into the pharmacy setting off an alarm, now the group race and head to the motel where they assume they are safe. That is the end of the first episode.

Now onto Life is Strange.

Life is strange follows the story of a young high schooler who just turned 18 who got into a art academy called Blackwell, in her old hometown, she is there for photography, she finds out she is suffering visions and can rewind time. The first episode is about her testing those powers out. A girl from her school is missing, Max tries to figure out what happened to the girl, and ends up running into her old childhood friend Chloe, who was friends with the missing girl.

Towards the end Max has a vision of the town being destroyed by a tornado and tells her friend Chloe about it and her powers.