We are halfway there!!!

Day 49/100: ArcheAge

Proceeded to play my spellbow character and roam around getting lost in a capital city, and fighting strange spiders out in the farms, moving to the next area where the monsters are all like 3-4 levels higher than me, so I am getting wrecked, but my internet was slow this day so things did not load and I got killed a bunch. So many ghost npcs….so many.

Day 50/100: Paladins and Atlas Reactor

Paladins is a free to play shooter hero game. The heroes fall into four different catergories, flank, frontline, damage and support. Frontline is your tank, damage are your dps type, support are your healers and flank are high dps damage characters, fast, but with lower health.

The game offers a variety of game modes, such as payload, seige, onslaught, survive, and co-op. The game is similar to Overwatch.

Atlas Reactor I ventured into playing four lancer matches, the new game mode, that allows you to control all four lancers, so its 1v1. Love this game mode!

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