Almost there!

Day 60/100: Rift

I attempted leveling of my three left characters, plan to have a perfect set, of all classes. A level 70 cleric, rogue, mage, primalist and warrior. I already have a warrior (my main) and cleric at 70, so working on mage 67, rogue 67 and primalist 68. So this day I messed around with the builds of them and tested them out for leveling, so see if they can better survive, and the builds are amazing.

Day 61/100: ESO

I am out in East March dealing with a classic story of Lion King only with Nords and there is an extra sibling, the dark sibling who was exiled wants to be king and has to pluck his dead sisters soul from souvengarde and wear the crown and the living king thinks that is bad and wants to stop him, and lets say the story telling of this Nord drama is hands down much better than the swamp lizards and dark elves problems….but I am also a Nord….so I might be bias.

62/100: Saints Row 3

I mostly ran around and played mini games, like tank where you just blow stuff up and rack in money, insurance fraud, where you run out into traffic and let cars hit you racking up the most money and professor geniko fun time murder time, where its a game show of survival and  beating the clock and then good ol fashion gang fights.

63/100: Path of Exile

I moved through the quest line, still getting killed by cannibals that throw rocks and crabs and finally pushed into Act 2, where there are things called blood apes that all from the trees and mangle you….sooooo enjoying that…hint at my sarcasm there.

Day 64/100: Atlas Reactor

Still the forever grind for Season Lvl 100, but this was hard as a Tournie has started and all the big dogs are out and wiping my Kelari butt up and down the maps, will have to buckle up and really work on trying to beat these guys. Must get to 100, must have sparkly golden banner and title.

Day 65/100: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Soooo I downloaded this off a private wow server, has all the games to pick from except Draenor and Legion, but whatever game you pick that is the cap of level you can get too. I was a classic WoW player and up the Lich King was great in my opinion, anything past that, was le crap once again in my opinion. Sooo I downloaded Lich King, and rolled a Draenei Shaman.

Now back in the day when WoW was brand new I play a night elf priest until the greatest game ever Burning Crusade game out and rolled all Draenei and fell in love with that race, so naturally had to play that on this. My old main thousand years ago was a shammy so its going to be shammy now too. Total nostalgia going back and playing and leveling.

I always loved questing in this game and will love adding this to the line up for Throwback Thursday.

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