Story Time with KelariCuddles

Day 66/100: The Walking Dead and Life is Strange

These are both descion making story telling games, the choices you make, make for interesting outcomes, and with more decisions to be made more combinations of how the story will go. First we start with the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead follows the story of a man named Lee Everett and the little girl  named Clementine, Lee is on his way to the big house for murdering a senator that his wife cheated on him with, on the way the cop hits a guy on the interstate and causes them to wreck, Lee passes out while you hear the horrors of gunshot and screams go off in the background, eventually Lee passes out and you wake up what seems  hours later with a messed up leg. You have to break out the car and then head over to the cop to see he is dead wanting to get the cuffs off, you get them off and the cop springs back to life, and you must fight to survive. You can back away and grab the shot gun left near the wreckage and take care of the zombie struggle and see a mysterious figure in the distance, going after it as more zombies show up.

You get to the mysterious figures house and find it is just a child, left at home with a zombiefied baby sitter, who the child helps you take care off by giving you a hammer. You promise to take care of the girl and go to seek shelter, seeing two guys outside trying to push a car out the way so they can use a truck to get home, you help them and the undead show up and you go with them, going to Hershel Greene’s office, where I chose to lie about who I was. Eventually his son gets snagged under a tracker and you have to choose to save him or Duck (a little kid) I choose to save Hershel son but without help was not able to save him and he ends up dying, where Hershel gets mad and kicks everyone off his farm, myself, the little girl and the parents of Duck give me a ride to Macon, where we get stuck inside a drug store.

In the drug store we meet more characters, Glenn decides to see about looking for gas and leaves off with one of the walkies that Clementine has, one of the other people in the drug store Larry, real hateful man, has a heart condition and needs medicine but there is no way into the pharmacy, so Lee looks for a way finding a very zombified pharmacist outside, Glenn calls on the walkie saying he is pinned down and you and this reporter go to a motel to save Glenn where he tells you about a damsel in distress, so Lee quietly fights off zombies to get up to the damsel finding out she is bitten and she fights with the reporter trying to take her gun forcing the balcony to cave in everyone falling to the ground the damsel getting the gun and killing herself, she refused to turn into a zombie.

You head back to the drug store using the axe you found at the motel to gun open the gate and get the key off the zombie pharmacist, and into the drug store, getting into the pharmacy setting off an alarm, now the group race and head to the motel where they assume they are safe. That is the end of the first episode.

Now onto Life is Strange.

Life is strange follows the story of a young high schooler who just turned 18 who got into a art academy called Blackwell, in her old hometown, she is there for photography, she finds out she is suffering visions and can rewind time. The first episode is about her testing those powers out. A girl from her school is missing, Max tries to figure out what happened to the girl, and ends up running into her old childhood friend Chloe, who was friends with the missing girl.

Towards the end Max has a vision of the town being destroyed by a tornado and tells her friend Chloe about it and her powers.


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