Zombies, a birthday and whole lot of 8 bit

Day 68/100: Creative Stream

Sooooo in the month of October told the interwebs I would be face painting myself every Tuesday to a different Halloween theme, the first week was face painting myself to be a zombie. And did just that. Oh and it was gross, used different methods to make broken skin and bubbling blisters, and everything on my face was regular make up or cream paint that face painters use or even blood.

Day 69/100: Atlas Reactor

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Atlas Reactor! Happy birthday to this great game! And recommend everyone to join this game between now and October 9th as you can get all kinds of amazing loot! You get 3 lancers to keep forever (if you do not have the pack) Asana, Blackburn and Helio, and you get 9 loot matrixes, 3 for each lancer that you get for free! the store items are 50% off. I am still shooting for lvl 100 and with this anniversary event you get double lancer exp and flux exp, so people are gaming it up, sitting at lvl 91, have 5 more days to get to season lvl 100.

Day 70/100: Trove 

On the quest to lvl my chloromancer to lvl 20 to get RIft loot. Today is 8bit themed, since trove looks like 8 bit, going to play 8bit music in the stream and play a few hours of Trove.

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