Day 71/100: Rift

I have been starting to dabble into the sagas of Rift. The sagas dabble more into the lore of the cults that plagued Telara in Vanilla rift, as well as the add ons from Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide. The saga I completed is the Abyssal Saga, story that follows the water cult, as a Defiant member we have someone in the ranks that used to be an Abyssal so you get to follow his personal story….and lets just say…now that I know the Faceless man name is Henry….that is all I will ever call him.

Day 72/100: Playerunknown’s Battleground

Now, this game is rather popular right now, but if you ever seen the movie Battle Royale, it is very much that….your thrown from a plane on some unknown mystery island, landing in places full of weapons, and last man or woman standing is well the winner, there are zones you have to stand in or your killed, randomly spots will be picked to be bombed, and you better be inside. The game is highly addictive and is hard to get used at first, lets say I die a lot…almost killed someone but the lag got me.

Day 73/100: Atlas Reactor

This was special day, participated in a 4lancer tournament, you had to preselect your team ahead of time, my lancers I picked were Rampart, Aurora, Gremos and Blackburn, think I could of went a different direction, but the team was a classic set up. The first round there was no one to face me, so moved automatically to the second round, where I versed someone with all four lancers mastery in them. So knew my butt would be hurting.

But to surprise did pretty alright against them. Still lost, but it was nice to play with the big dogs for a change, know what I need to work on now, and will be working on that to get better and be more a threat.

Day 74/100: Black Desesrt Online

There are so many classes to start off with in BDO so coming up with what to be at first is difficult, my classic thinking is hey be a ranger,  better to be away from the targets while you learn the game, and while ranger is fun, figured why not lets try a melee class, so picked Tamer. I am glad I did. I love this class!

Tamers are fast place melee AOE class, with high mobility but low defense, so we can unleash damage but we do not like taking it, hear the rumor that at lvl 20 I get to summon my first pet, which, I am close at lvl 18, where the pet/ beast will aid me in combat and eventually become a mount. Wee!



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