Day Four with Cuddles

Day 4/100: Rift

Anyone who knows me knows I love Rift, mean my name is KelariCuddles…. Kelari’s are a race within the game, so no brainer there right? Unless you dont know they are a race in the game, then hear to tell you….wait for it whispers Kelari’s are a race in Rift. Rift is an amazing MMO, that has multiple things to do it, so you should never find yourself bored, at least hey, I dont. And on top of that made loads of friends playing it so I do have many people to play with and have good laughs.

The game is free to play and until recently only level 1 to 65 was free to play and 66-70 required a expansion, well that is now free. So 1-70 levels of solid fun, you can do that the old fashion way and play all the quest and learn the rich lore of the game (Which I recommend) Cause if you plan to do end game stuff with raids it follows the story, and would hate you to be standing there going? What is going on? I mean right?

You have loads of PVE options, Instant Adventures, questing, dungeons, raids, PVP, Rift hunting, Achievement hunting, dimensions building, world events, crafting, an amazing wardrobe system and then my favorite role playing.

Rift is very customizeable, where most games leave you role specific, Rift you have options. There are five callings: Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Rouge and Primalist, each have 11 souls each to pick in your soul trees, almost 5k options, so little under 1k options per calling. You can be all roles (tank, support, dps, healer) so you can be a mage tank, or a warrior healer. The options are endless! Then you have a wardrobe system that is out of the world, every piece of gear, weapon or costume you pick up, saves to your wardrobe, so you can select the wardrobe slot and change how your character looks on all that stuff you have picked up. Cause sometimes the gear your wearing makes you look like a potato farmed clown in iron boots, not classy…so the wardrobe system lets you customize that!

Highly recommend the game. If what I said interest you here is the link to try out this amazing game.

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