95 more days to go!

Day 5/100: Rift Summerfest

As I may of said before Rift is my main game, will probably be on this list a lot…fair warning, be prepare to read about Rift a lot. But for today I did the Summerfest themed stuff, which involves, fishing, scavenger hunts, a corgi fashion (yes a corgi fashion show) and capturing different monsters around the world.

There are 50 Scavenger Hunt quest total, all over the world expect in the new area, re-visit the old content, in these crazy hunts, where they have to a variety of strange things to hugging a evil elf, squirting some seacaps (like crabs) with water gun, to a snowboard race down a giant mountain, to even finding Grandfather Frost (The Rift universes Santa Claus) which by the way….his house has a mail box, so he does get your letters when you wish for a pony.

The scavenger hunts award you with friendship bracelets and summer merit badges which you can exchange for wardrobe, dimension items, mounts and more. Summerfest is one of the four world events that Rift does, and can be time consuming with the hunts, so if your going to try Rift to get on this nice items, recommend you to hop to it now!

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