Day 6 – 8

Day 6 & 7/100: Fallout 4

Outside of Rift and Trion Games, I am quite the Bethesda fan girl, the Fallout series is one of my favorite game series, and it is very hard for you to get me to pick one of the games to love the most (Fallout 3 is the one winning of the games) they each have something about them I love. Fallout 4 is the newest edition to the list, and will say they added a lot more Wow to this game.

How does one define such Wow? Well sure there is wonderful graphics, but my wow for me is there is no where save in the wasteland…mean you run away from one thing and run into another, and then the next and the next until you find yourself hiding in a camper in the fetal position crying…or is that just me? You feel like your actually trying to survive. Which hey if the world is a dystopia apocalyptic wasteland, then yes you should be surviving it. The decisions in this game is so much more heavy, like it greatly effects how other NPCs interact with you. Now my one con is they made the Brotherhood of Steel come off as jerks….come  on those were my heroes in Fallout 3…. le sigh, part of me roots for them still, but they are jerks in Fallout 4.

Oh and what do Mirelurkers have against me? I swear they are out to Liam Nessom me..they dont know who I am, but they will find me and kill me. I never succeed in my stream challenge, always challenge myself to not scream…but I always scream. Yesterday screamed about…a scorpion. To be fair they were HUGE and two of them and they jumped right into my screen when I turned around.

Day 8/100: Heroes of the Storm 

On today’s roster of games to play, I will be playing Heroes of the Storm. This is my current favorite Moba, which I am never been the biggest fans of before this, because well, you have objectives, and challenges, and quest and can collect things. Anyone who is an achievement hunter, from other games, loves to collect things. makes grabby hands

I have a hard time picking who my favorite Heroes are of this game, think Nazeebo and Cassia, there are so many to pick from. But Heroes offers many ways to play the game, against AI, PVP, Ranked matches, custom matches and then my favorite….Brawl.

Brawl is always some themed match, where you do not get to pick your hero. Your stuck with either a selection or one picked for you already, which really challenges your gameplay, most of the time I am stuck with melee characters which I am not the good at, or support characters that I don’t do well with…or then those random characters I have never played and don’t know any of the moves too. Its challenging but lots of fun. Highly recommend this game.

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