90 Days to National Day!

Day 10/100: Rift

Today in my Rift stream I explored the brand new content, Vostigar Peaks. The recent patch 4.2 brought out Summerfest and Vostigar Peaks, which is a level 70 area, great new content great many ways to get ganked and died. Like fighting little raid bosses it seems. The quest…is rather interesting so far. Like very interesting.

I dont want to give away too many spoilers, but this is what is given about the game, Anhket and Crucia showdown, yes Crucia is back, Storm Legion is back, and Anhket has technology that Storm Queen wants, so your stuck in the middle of them trying to kill one another. I say we just let one pick the other off and then take care of the one left standing, but of course that would not be fun right?

Thing that is blowing my mind right now is the lost souls occupying one body, so while you attack these mobs they shape shift into different beings in the game. Its soooo crazy! But a cool concept. Now the cons with the new area is that it is a huge grind fest, and can be tedious, but at least vostigar does offer new content for people, and now the first tier of raid gear so the end gamers are happy.

I have not finished the story quest, but it is well worth doing, as there are some cross overs finishing it. If you finish the story quest in Vostigar Peaks you get Asha sword wardrobe in game, and a Asha costume for Atlas Reactor.

There is also a Trove to Rift cross over as well. And on top of that with Vostigar Peaks, a fellow Trion Creator Seshatar is hosting three contest right now, where you can win 30 Days of Patron and a mount, by submitting a post card of Vostigar Peaks, Summerfest picture and a video show casing Vostigar, so three ways to win patron pass! So…join Rift today!

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