Two more days added

Day 11/100: Tera

Yesterday was a Tera day, another MMO, shocking for me I know. Tera is I will say new generation of MMO, not your standard interface, while in WoW you are stationary for the most part, minimal running at best, this requires a lot of running, your WASD keys, hot keys and your mouse, can be very tricky to navigate your first time out the door. Basically non targeting combat, you have a trigger hair instead hitting tab to target things in most other MMOs. The combat is real time and third person viewed. The game offers a variety of things, questing, dungeons and pvp. The game has seven races, and twelve classes, some of those classes are gender restricted and race restricted.

Yesterday I partook in leveling, and two matches of PVP, and doing some Vanguard missions. The PVP I did was called Kuma Royale, where a team of baby kuma’s have to protect momma, but kill the other momma from the other team. Its completely random but a great way to farm gold and experience. I won one around and lost one round, in my win I went from lvl 20 to lvl 24, and then got 30 gold, so you can see how that helped me a lot.

Day 12/100: Rift

As you can see on my list of days, I play Rift a lot, but today I explored another side of Rift, roleplaying/ dimension building. Dimensions are pretty much character housing, you can create all kinds of things, homes, bases, forts, taverns, the options are endless. I myself create character homes and event dimensions for roleplaying events.

The roleplaying events I do on Rift are like Table Top games, we brought Dungeons and Dragons to Rift but using the lore of the game, and stories we create as friends. We have a HUGE weekend coming up and had to build build build dimensions.

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