A Pair of Days

Day 13/100: Mass Effect Andromeda

I love love love the mass effect series, Bioware knows how to make action roleplay games well. Played all the other games, so far loving this game. Have not beaten it yet so no one ruin it for me pwease. This game does not follow the Shepard stories, but the same universe, as in your game you can select what gender the Shepard was. But you start as one of the Rhyder twins, whether it be a male or female, you can create what the pair look like as well, and based off that, your father Alec will adjust accordingly, think its based off the presets to be honest. Unlike previous installments in the Mass Effect series, where players begin each new game by choosing from six different character classes that each have their own unique set of skills, players instead have free rein to assign any skills, so you can do what I am doing and be a vanguard solider with a few biotic powers….BEAST MODE.

You still have to explore and gather things to make more things, and you still need to chat up with everyone on the crew of the Tempest to open up character stories and missions. The combat is real time with the abilities of dodging with your suits jetpacks, like a dash.

But the only piece of lore I will give is, somewhere between ME 2 and ME3 the races of the series started to build this project Andromeda, mean for good reasons, they had reapers crawling all over them and it was a good idea to think of the future just in case this did not pan out well for them. Sending vessels filled with each race into deep space. 20k people of each race, 600 years into the future.

The rest you have to find out by playing it.

Day 14/ 100: Rift

Today I venture into classic leveling in Rift, I will explore two old world zones with one of my characters a cute patooot dwarf (dworf). I have ONLY been leveling her the classic way, no speed through dungeon runs, no IAs, no power leveling of any sort, she has leveled the old fashion way, through the storyline, and the only way I go into dungeons is if were all the same level.

I want to see how far questing can get you, currently leveling in Shimmersand, hoping to finish there today and move into Stillmoor, very very close to end game stuff on the original game of Rift. How excited, and it has been fun revisiting all the old lore.

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