Back tracking here a bit

Day 15/100: Atlas Reactor

THE NEW CHAPTER MISSIONS ARE OUT! So naturally…had to dedicate a day to doing those chapter missions. The new missions also bring a new type of game mode (have not gotten to play yet, but can at least tell you about it.)

The new chapter missions are:

  • Gain 5 season levels
  • Play as each type of lancer type. The three lancer types are firepower (damage) frontliner (tank) support (healer/ barrier buddies) play five rounds as each type.
  • Win 5 matches in a trust skin. A trust skin is the type of corporations that exist in Atlas Reactor: Hyperbotics, Evos, Omni and Helio Corps. Since they have daily missions where you can earn Hyperbotics skins, it is easy to go after this mission, you just have to make sure you win the 5 matches.
  • 50 takedowns, this one is easy, just take down 50 peoples.
  • 3 non death match games

The new chapter brought out the new game mode Lights Out. The map is completely in the dark and you have to play ULTIMATE TACTICS and guess where people are hiding at in the dark.

Day 16/100: Fallout 4

I always try to challenge myself when I play this game….the challenge is called the No Scream Stream….try to play without screaming….now I typically always fail this challenge, but this time I was doing SOOOOO GOOD, ran into Mirelurkers and did not even Scream.

AND MIRELURKERS LIAM NESSOM ME CONSTANTLY. They dont know who I am but they love to find me and kill me. I even jumped a little when unlocking a door and a Glowing One Feral Ghoul slapped me silly and killed me by running over a landmine. I even did good with the countless gunners, and robots and super mutants and bugs and dogs chewing me up and spitting me out into irradiated gum….

So where am I going with this? Oh right…where did I fail in my almost perfect challenge where I did not scream? Well….I was sent to get a file in a hospital…filled with Raiders. Nothing to scream over right? Mean one was even using a rocket launcher inside the building, which was only mildly annoying….I got the file. And went downstairs and saw a switch and all I could see was…hey switch, means goodies right! So went down to flip it, turned around and greeted with a charging DEATHCLAW! I screamed sooooo loudly! My husband came out the back room thinking something was wrong with me.

I failed the No Scream Stream challenge again….one day.

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