Celestial Storm Rift Contest

Day 17/100: Rift

Today with Rift I will share my Vostigar Peaks/ Celestial Storm contest submissions. So a fellow Trion Creator like myself Seshatar, is running a Celestial Storm contest, that came out with the newest patch. There was three different categories you could enter in and I submitted to all three, and want to share my submissions here, and then share what I did on Friday as well. I will share each category, describe a little about them and then my submission.

Category One: Vostigar Peaks Postcard

So the new patch brought out a new zone, called Vostigar Peaks, a snowy colorful wasteland filled with war between Anhket army and Crucia’s Storm Legion. The zone looks very like Pelladane, and Iron Pine Peak mated with a box of crayons…very nice and colorful, bright pops of yellow and red and green in snow. Love the color choices of the new zone. This category show cased the new area.

Category Two: Summerfest

The new patch brought out Summerfest as well, so all the scavenger hunts, Corgi fashion shows, getting your bikini body ready, and more. You could of went my approach and use how one of my characters celebrates Summerfest, and my dwarf use it with an entourage of shirtless dudes.

Category Three: Vostigar Peaks Video

This was another zone related category, and I showed my favorite part of the world, and also displayed what I do mostly out in this new zone, lots of running, so much running….so much. Everything is out to kill you. Everything is like a little raid boss, might as well be. So this is my dedication to Vostigar Peaks.


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