Back tracking, logging, going back, whatever you call it, lets go back some days

Day 24/100: Rift

On this day of Rift, which most Fridays I do Rift, I classic leveled, rolled a new character on the Defiant side, and leveling it only the classic way. SO only quest, no Instant Adventures, no dungeon runs unless everyone is the same level, no power leveling at all, going back and revisiting the lore and just how far leveling can get you. I am doing the same challenge with a dwarf character aka a Guardian, as the lore is different per faction. Then I did some Crafting Rifts and Chronicles before playing Dungeons with buddies farming up the last of achievements for Storm Legion.

Day 25/100: Atlas Reactor

This day had one goal in mind, and that goal was to finish the Season 3 Chapter 4 missions, had only two more to complete and completed it with participating in 50 take downs and 3 non death match games. I played the new game mode Lights Out, where it is like a Death match game only every four turns, the map goes dark or dim and the players on the opposite team cannot be seen, you are completely clueless as to there whereabouts and have to guess, but the same is for them, they have no idea where  you are. Big guessing game, and eventually the lights come back on, and then go back off.

Day 26/100: Fallout 4

When I play any of the Fallout games it is dubbed the No Screamie Streamie challenge, where I have to play the game and not spaz out or scream, normally I fail…badly. So many things can pop out and wreck you in these games, and anyone who has played, knows what I am talking about. And while I was running around dealing with Jack Cabot’s messed up family, I did okay, until I found a sleeping Deathclaw, the one I failed to kill, just turned around and left out of there like “NOPE” and went around the long way and found some children of atom cultist who were out trying to radiate me into piles of green goo….I thought those guys were friendly….these wanted to kill me so bad I have never been killed so bad….Then I stumbled into a Mirelurker town which is no surprise cause they are after me, no matter where I hide they find me. But hey only freaked out once!

Day 27/100: Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a free to play MMORPG, that submerges all of its players into the vast Dungeons and Dragon world. It has an action style combat system, with abilities to dodge out the dreaded red on the ground, and different abilities and ways to boost the abilities, the game is vast in its class system alone. First what is there to do? You have the regular leveling, then you have world events, world monsters/ dragons, campaigns running all day (event calender in the game) skirmishes, pvp, and dungeon. There is 10 playable races and 3 for purchase. There is 8 playable classes, which each branch off into its own two sub classes at level 30. They even created a system where the players can create roleplay style missions, some with advanced stories that allow you to deeply create and submerge into the world and story and some that is just survive a wave of undead. The options are endless on what to do this game, highly recommend it, and its cross platform, you can play it on console or PC.

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