The Backlog Episode 4 (Day 24): The Raven

For the first time since we began, I find my random game of the week to be one I have absolutely no connection to what-so-ever. Rather, it is in my collection on the hard drive of an old 360, collected because my brothers gave me Xbox Live Gold for a few years as b-day gifts, and when I let it run out, the system actually let me keep the games.

So what is the Raven about? Well, you play the roll of a constable in the Swiss police who is on duty riding the Orient Express with a legendary detective who made his name shooting the infamous thief: The Raven. But a successor has made his way into the world and has proven much more dangerous, and just as important, he too is on this train!

I found myself enjoying this point and click adventure, but with a very mixed feeling. It’s a very slow burn and our time was spent really just starting the adventure as we tried to take care of a dutchess who lost her purse (she never loses anything) and a professor who was locked out of his room, ending with the thief making their move and attempting to blow up the cops trying to catch him!

It is very logical and will be a fun puzzle to figure out, but the controls here are going to do it no favors, as the constable tends to turn on very wide arcs, making moving him around to interact with the world very clunky. Thankfully the does not seem to have time restraints so this isn’t a huge deal so much as a little bit of an annoyance on what is overall looking to be a very interesting adventure that I barely scratched the surface of.

Am I looking forward to it? Well, yes and no. I would like to continue this adventure and see where it goes, but I do feel like this is the lesser version and maybe if I was playing with a mouse it might be far smoother.

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