Guild Wars 2

Day 29/100: Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG, it is unique to the genre of MMO, the story line is directly effected by the player decisions, which is not normally something you see in MMOs, so yeah will say it is unique. They call it the ripple effect in gaming, typically something you see in a single player game like Fallout or Mass Effect not something so massive mmo world scale. They have an event style setting that replaces the basic quest system.

There are five playable races, each with a dynamic story within themselves, and then nine playable glasses, eight are with base game, one comes with Heart of Thorns. Player skills are based on the weapon you have equipped (which I find very cool that it changes whether you have a bow or dagger equipped.) Level cap is 80. But don’t worry they have a global level system, so some level 80 cant swoop in and kill everything before you get it, they are instantly nerfed down to the questing area level, allowing you the chance to kill something.

But the basis of the plot, each race has there own tie in to the overall plot of the game, but in Guild Wars there were some meanie head dragons that lived under the world and woke up and cause a lot of bad stuff and corruption, lets just say lots of the bad stuff and corruption still exist, and the races must save Tyria once again.


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