The Backlog Episode 5 (Day 31): New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Welcome back and sorry for the delay in writing, but yesterday was actually very packed. I had maybe an hour or so between getting home and running out again to meet with my brothers and FINALLY take the time to watch the Alien Covenant. (And if you are curious, I absolutely loved it… but I will admit straight up to being a VERY avid fan of the xenomorph and the main series of movies that comes with it. And in fact I am watching the extras as I write this this morning.) However, while I am only writing in the morning afterwards, I was able to use that time to get an admittedly shorter round of gaming for the 100 days in… which is perhaps a little fitting considering the game played is one almost every gamer in the world today is familiar with some version of.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the incarnation of 2D Super Mario Bros. games designed for play with the Nintendo Wii system, but outside of a graphic overhaul, very little has changed in the game. You will be greeted with a map not unlike we got in Super Mario Bros 3, complete with the ability to select powerups to equip (if collected) before starting a level, and the levels you will get are 2D platformers crafted with the detail we expect Nintendo to pull off… but for the most part this really is just another Mario game with new upgrades Mario can use. And outside of some new designs and everything moving with the music, it is just a really familiar experience for all of us.

I believe when the time comes to play this game, I will enjoy it, but I don’t find myself excited about it. It is just another fun event in my gaming future, but one of many.

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