Letsa Back track

Day 30/100: Guild Wars 2

Proceeded with leveling my human thief and introducing my friend to crafting but I frankly did not remember it, still in a daze about crafting in Guild Wars 2, at one point actually knew everything and how to do all the crafting, gathering all the materials and how to discover stuff, but guess that part of Guild Wars 2 has left me. Oh well none the less it was fun.

Day 31/100: Rift

This time for Rift it was a little more different than normal just playing and not playing, we roleplayed a Dungeons and Dragon style event, using Rift lore and the Guild lore, we went to a Storm Legion base, top secret base, and had to go through a gauntlet or grueling task, the first time, we have a room that was blocked off on all sides, but had to get out, one door way had a fan blade, the second spikes and third was a frozen creature. We decided to wrap a chain around the frozen creature and throw the chain into the fan and in succeeded and found a bunch of ledgers, maps and plans of the Storm Legion, and scaled up to the fortress, were we ended the event for the night, but it traveled over to Day 32.

Day 32/100: Rift

Day two of this Table Top Style of Rift, we proceeded with the story, entering the fortress and finding a very insanely charming but suicidal Ai, who sterilized us, decontaminated us, washed us, violated a few by putting them in medical clothing, and anyone who has been to the doctor that paper towel dress does not cover enough, to finally find the way out and lead to recusing someone who has been kidnapped for months.

Day 33/100: Elder Scrolls Online

Challenged myself, mostly prepared myself for future Extra Life event, did a 8 Hour Stream, with my Warden, but she did a variety of quest, most dabbling into the old Llodos virus that plagues the dark elves and apparently not me, some Nords wanting to learn Dark Elf culture with the fair trade of Nord culture, but hey most Nord culture lets be fair is drunken insanity, and they dressed them up like Easter baskets I swear.

Day 34/100: Fallout 4

Normally on Sundays I would be a Fallout 4 challenge but some streams were pushed by because of real life and Fallout was one of those, but today we launch the week off with Fallout 4, and see how many times I dont scream, sure you can count how many times I dont over do. Today plan to dabble in one of the DLCs, will it be the machinist? Far Harbor? Or Nuka World? Who knows, you will have to tune in to find out.

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