KelariCuddles waterlogged ledger of Games

35/ 100: Atlas Reactor

This was a good yet sort of sad day for me with Atlas Reactor, so during the third season you can do loyality missions for all the lancers and get a special hyperbotic skin for the lancer after  you play 5 games with the character. Well on this day, it was my last lancer, Garrison. I had other missions that were play five games and then play two as a Frontliner which worked with playing as Garrison as I needed to play five matches with him and he is a frontliner. But now I am done….and there is no more trust skins to earn. Sad face. But Chapter five missions are right around the corner, a new lancer is coming out, more missions, and quest and things to do. I will now do the challenge of lvl 7 lancers, most of my lancers range from lvl 5-8, one is lvl 11. (Grem love <3) and I will  go up and down the list, til each is lvl 7, then move on to the next. Challenges, got to love them.

36/100: Fallout New Vegas

Sooooooo you can say on this day, I did things I did not want to do, like had to get into New Vegas but did not want to pay for the passport, so there is the King missions (bunch of Elvis impersonators gang, how cute and clever right?) and totally forgot going this route makes the NCR mad at you…like very mad. And that made Boone mad at me. NOT BOONE! Boone is the companion you want, he shoots things from far away, so they do not kill you, unless he picks a fight with a Deathclaw, which he has done before…and I have left him behind, running away like a mad person. KelariCuddles does not mess around with Deathclaws. Unless she has too.

37/100: Rift

This day I was very casual in gameplay, working on dimensions. What are dimensions? Think of them like personal houses for characters, the roleplayers love dimensions in Rift because we get to have homes for our characters that we can live in and play house in or make a hospital for when characters get injured, or create a cafe for people to go buy a cake at, so many options of what you can build. Sometimes it is frustrating and does make me want to flip a table, but still love dim building. But Rift was also running a Wardrobe contest, where you make the best fashionable outfit ever and you can win some awesome blossom prizes, like 15K credits to shop with! Oh my! Here was my submission:

Now unfortunately the past few days  I was very very ill and was not even able to leave bed to game, so these will be the days I did not get to do this awesome challenge. It sucks, but sometimes it happens, but I hope that all my other extra lifers out there played some awesome games in my honor.


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