Day 42 almost half way there…

Day 42/100: ArcheAge

ArcheAge a game I have not played much since launch, but so glad I am finally able to play this game again and stream it! YAY! Soooooo……What is ArcheAge? ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG. The game is zoneless, and open world PVP based. Players can freely attack other players who are members of the other factions: East, West or Pirate.

The crafting system in ArcheAge is massive and intensive, and if you dare dabble into this, you better…or lets say YOU BEST PAY ATTENTION to the quest and information you find on it, because its really hard to wing it on your own, trust me, off and on played this game for three years now, and still do not know how to craft in this correctly.

There is also housing, farming and a criminal system. The skills are quite flexible, you select one type of class at start, then again at lvl 5 you pick the next set of skills and then lastly at lvl 10. Your damage is based off your gear.

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