Saturday and Sunday

Day 46/100: Atlas Reactor, ArcheAge and ESO

Saturday I did a 12 hour charity stream for the Red Cross for the hurricane victims, and on this day these were the three games I played, Atlas Reactor, ArcheAge and ESO, Atlas Reactor managed to finish the Chapter five missions for Season three, only mission I have left to do is the ranked games, which I will be tackling on Wednesday.

I had planned to move to ESO after Atlas Reactor but there was a lengthy update, so went to ArcheAge first, trying to figure out the very extensive crafting system, and it was mostly me roaming around looking for potatoes and confused, no potato salad for my elf.

Speaking of Elves, ESO was me dealing with more Elf drama, those dark elves….but finally took down Magistere Vox and ended her plague bringing soul sucking God defying butt down.

The stream was good, earned $25 to give to the Red Cross.

Day 47/100: Rift

Yesterday I spent time doing lvl 70 stuff, I typically get in a mood to do it then like wiggly arms away and not do it for awhile, but was grinding for better gear, did a bunch of rifts, think I managed sixty, twenty something footholds and some dungeon runs, all for those gear upgrades, its so time consuming and that is why I do not do it much, but I needed to up my deeps.

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