The Backlog Episode 7 (Day 45): Resident Evil: Revelations 2

UPDATE: Since the “Bonus Stream” Cougarmint has given me a copy of her game updated with some bug fixes and much smaller. She alsoasked me to link this new version so that anyone who wants to try her “Hello world” project for themselves can. I am including the link in this update. For more information on the game, continue to the original post.

Personally, I have personally downloaded and run the zip file through VirusTotal. I have also unzipped and run the files themselves through Norton Antivirus, Malwarebyte’s AntiMalware, Hitman Pro, and Windows Defender. Everything has come back clean. HOWEVER, as with any download from the internet, I recommend you scan it yourself as well if you choose to take it.


Hello and sorry for how long it took to post this. It’s been a crazy week overall, and ended with no exception. We did get to play on time, but it was late enough after I just went to bed, and then yesterday became a complete run-around. Being the tech-guy of the family after certain events can really teach you what time means.

BUT I digress… Friday was once again a back-log day, meaning it was time to play something I had in my library that I had yet to play and was sitting on a system I am currently not playing. It was the Xbone’s turn, and the game was Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Now, I don’t actually own the full game for this one. Rather Capcom decided instead of releasing a demo like they did the first game (which sold me to pick that up for the PC, I might add) they made the sequel episodic and released the first episode for free. I picked this up on a whim after playing the demo for part one on the WiiU and REALLY liking it, it wound up in my backlog. I had expected this to be like that demo and finishable in an hour/hour and a half, but boy was I wrong! Our run Friday only got half-way through the free offering. Capcom has been impressing me a lot more as of late…

…at least for that quality. The game itself was descent, but didn’t really stand out from it’s predecessor outside of both missions involving two characters now, one who is armed to the teeth, and the other carrying specific things needed to unlock certain passages or open certain crates.  In co-op, you and another player would each take a character requiring co-operation to get through each part of the campaign. But if you play on your own, you are now required to keep track of whichever one you are currently not controlling so the they do not die on you… in short, the single player mode is an escort mission. But at least it’s an escort mission with a competent AI who won’t just use up everything you give them (or are carrying when you swap to the other as you need to for various points in the game), which makes a vast improvement to Resident Evil 5.

What I played was overall very simple in structure with basically a single pathway to explore through the entire first campaign. There was some backtracking, but it was basically hand-holding you the entire way with the characters themselves noting when you had to do this. There were a few puzzles as well, which filled out the time very well, but nothing that required you to think so much as look around. But still, I did enjoy my time overall, and I will likely come back to finish the episodes. BUT I must put a caviate here. If I play the full game it will be doing this stuff over again, as like it’s predecessor, this title screams at me for mouse control, so whenever I get to it, the full game will be a PC purchase for me.

BUT Friday also included a bonus stream, as my friend Cougarmint had something she wanted to show off. She has completed a small project with RPG maker called Lucky 7… a little slot machine game. While I usually don’t enjoy the game-type (and as the video in my archive proves, I don’t exactly have the luck TO enjoy them), I simply could not resist the request as both this is her first completed project AND she did it using the engine/editor in a way it was NEVER intended to be used.

And she did so VERY effectively! The main game works exactly as you would expect with an option to choose how much you want to put in and a good randomizer for each of the three wheels. Lose and your bet gets added to the jackpot (a nice little touch there) leaving it as something to win back. You will also find yourself able to adjust the background and background music to fit your choices. But I did find one bug I hope she reads this to find. It is not anything major, but when you run out of money, the free spin (if you didn’t use it) also disappears. Other then that, this was flawless.

But then she added a debug mode which allows all control to go to the player, including what shows up. She left a challenge to “break” the game, and apparently there was a secret message if you pre-picked the right code for each of the windows, but I honestly couldn’t find it. Sad thing is, she told me what it was, so I kinda suck for missing that one. (Sorry, Cougarmint.)

Add to this her own personality oozing out of every bit of text for the game, and really it is a very good complete package. I will have to update this entry if she hosts the file anywhere so others can try it, but for a first project, this is really good… and for a game in general a very solid slot machine program.

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