Cola’s and blocks and rifts galore

51/100: Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

Now….if you have asked anyone about Fallout 4 they would say its hard right? Mean the normal blowing of your face off, and running around and massive death, yeah its pretty crazy. But Nuka World? Nuka World son is hard. Hard is like saying its easy, its hardcore, just getting there in a gauntlet of death was hard enough, now you have to fued with raiders and make the land grand again and go explore and claim areas for the raider gangs…mean…..

You literally have to go through death and hand basket for these raider gangs….one is bloodworm infested which is straight out of Tremors, like where is Kevin Bacon at yo? Makes my Bacon number a 2 right? Then you have a robot deathmatch area, a ghoul infested area, mirelurker area and then the new deathclaw….a gatorclaw, because why not add alligator to that mess of cess pool right?

Cant imagine how I will beat this dlc.

52/100: Rift

Did my varierty of lvl 70 work, cleared the raid Tartaric Depths aka TDez twice, finally got my trinket to drop. FINALLY! Only farmed that place like 30 times, we got the council bug and had to reset, hence why we cleared it twice, or 1.5 cleared it. Then did a dungeon run with my guildees, and then leveled a warrior that was power leveled to 65, big life lesson here…..


You will die when you start to take them serious.

53/100: Trove

Trove is a open world  adventure game with countless realms filled with quests, chests, and enemies both great and small. The gameplay favors minecraft but it is not MINECRAFT.  It is a MMO cube game, think of that way. You can play as so many kinds of classes, you have classes such as dino tamer, chloromancer, lunar lancer, tomb raiser, boomranger, shadow hunter, candy barbarian, ice sage, neon ninja and more. There are soooo many options of what to be.

From castles and palaces to caverns and crypts to beehives, lava infested ice blocks (yes I know it doesnt make sense) to water towers and more, dungeons are home to the deadliest villains and rarest gear in the land. Their immense interiors are filled with minions, traps, and bosses ready to put your skills to the test. Lairs are mini-sized dungeons.

You have so many different world options or realms as they call it, a undead world, candy realm, desert frontier, a forest, a ice world, a dinosaur world, a faerie world, and more. The options are endless here.

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