Lots to Update

Day 54/100: ESO

Soooo this day I ran into a random town of grey people, like the whole town of peoples were gray, thinking they were dark elves, took me a minute to realize…they were humans and orcs, and I am like? There is no gray humans and orcs in this game…What gives? They then said they were cursed and turned all into Skeletons!!!!!

So did a bunch of quest for them and eventually you have to decide if they will stay cursed or if you will finally let them move on and rest. I chose for them to rest and then it gave me a skeleton polymorph so now I can be super obnoxious and dance around towns as a skeleton. Wee!

Day 55/100: Fallout 4

Sooooo on this lovely day, I went about doing more Nuka World DLC, went exploring outside Nuka World to see what I could find, found a haunted mansion, some crazy space loving cultist and bunch of bugs and dead things, a power suit, which lead me to go gaterclaw hunting…which started a lovely quest…

So Cito…a caveman who was raised by gorillas, very Tarzan like, wants to kill the monsters who hurt his family…which by the way they are ghoul gorillas….but you find out the gaterclaws were made for security once long ago then cloned to make food some hippies revolted and let them free and let to a lot of deaths, in a park….these things look like dinosaurs…very…I dont know Jurassic Parkish…but have to kill all of them and turn off the cloning machine and then convince Cito to live so the raiders wont kill him, which I did.

Day 56 & 57/100: Atlas Reactor

Lets keep this as simple as we can I am trying to farm Season lvl 100, and that is why I doubled up on Atlas Reactor days, getting there at lvl 81.

Day 58/100: Saints Row 3

This was Throwback Thursday and for me wanted to play a classic, or a classic to me. I saw this was now backwards compatible on the Xbone and downloaded and played it, my all time favorite of the Saints Row series, because you truly get to customize your character. Which is important for me in games, but you start off robbing a bank and get caught, and thrown in jail, playing as the boss of the street gang The Saints. You find out there is a new gang in town from Belgium call the Syndicate, they killed your beloved friend Johnny so you start to go on a war path to shut him down, doing things from here to there, teaming up with new friends and played until I got him killed.



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