Kelari Backtrack

I know I know been slacking have lots of catching up to do, so here we go!

Day 75/100: Atlas Reactor

Worked on getting Season lvl 100, and on this day finally reached it. Was a great success.

Day 76/100: Creative Stream

I did an old age face paint, and made myself into an old lady wearing makeup named Fran, wore a head scarf and a shirt my mom gave me and all, and it was sooooo funny at the end.

Day 77/100: Trove

I was hoping to do more pirate stuff, but the quest had come and gone, so worked on getting to lvl 20 mastery of personal level and cholormancer lvl 20, managed to get to lvl 19 mastery and 13 cholormancer lvl. The point of these levels is you get in game rewards on Rift from it. I wants Rift Goodies!

Day 78/100: Rift

Did Rift Raiding, was a total grind fest, just grinding grinding grinding, upgrading some gear here and there and then finally got all full easy mode raid gear. Working towards be able to get into the new raid soon.

Day 79&80/100: Trion’s Extra Life Event

This day I did a 24 hour Extra Life event, played all 6 Trion games in the hopes to raise $150. I played Defiance, Trove, Atlas Reactor, Rift, ArcheAge and Devilian, and in the 24 hours did succeed in raising the $150. This Kelari is dying her hair blue now.

Day 81/100: Dead Space

On Sundays I do this thing called Scary Sundays, only in the month of October, and play the game that scares me the most, and to me that was the Dead Space series, not that the game was scary more like it had toooo many pop up parts and makes me squeal like a little girl. The story of the game is wonderful and its a great horror genre, but it does make you mad paranoid. Stomp everything!

Day 82/100: ESO

Did some more mage guilds quest, got to meet Uncle Leo, and once womanizer turned uggo flesh monster, then had to deal with some Nord drama, sorting out why tree monsters and trolls were mad, come to find they were on land that did not belong to them. Go figure right?

Day 83/100: ArcheAge

I furthered worked on my Spellbow character, dying a lot so starting to think my options of a spell slinging archer is a bad idea.

Day 84/100: Borderlands

Throwback Thursday stream brought us to Borderlands, a classic game for me, love all the characters, the stories, the quotes, the things people say and everything. Classic first person shooter, open world with roleplay elements. What else could you ask for? Oh then there is claptrap <3 still want to grow up and be him.


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