The Backlog Episode 12 (Day 86): No More Heroes

I was one of them back in the day. When it was still schedualed to arrive in stores yet, I wanted a Wii. While everyone else was fawning over Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess as the absolute go-to launch game for the system, I was looking past that to a game that was supposed to be a launch, but delayed till the next year: Metroid Prime 3. But still, my faith in that game’s coming goodness was enough to bring me in to the system and “hold on for now” with what was admittedly an exceptional Zelda game. (And as a side note, the game was EVERYTHING I wanted from it when it finally launched.)

However, this would not be the only game I got for the system… some great, some terrible, but No More Heroes would be one I picked up at a bargain and let sit collecting dust on the shelf for years. Yesterday, I finally gave it a go…. and… Im not completely sure what the hell I just played.

The game opens up with you controlling Travis Touchdown as he leaves his apartment, and then a small rant about the patients of the gaming audience and the most insanely brief synopsis EXPLAINED BY TRAVIS HIMSELF about what you are doing and why… to the point of non-sense really. But I gotta admit, I loved the gung-ho style it all brought together so, after playing the optional tutorial to learn how the game plays, it was right off to the races and your first assassination! Straight to the action, just like the man said.

And honestly, it was pretty damn cool! Laser swords flashing, blood flying in completely 80s/90s cheesey form, and so much going on on the screen at times that you really are not sure what’s important… only that the whole effect is busy and interesting to look at! And then when you get to actual combat, the mechanics are very solid.

But then it was over and I had to get a job…. hitting trees and collecting coconuts…. in a video game…. about killing the top killers in the world to become number one… at killing…. collecting coconuts….. with a time limit… and getting hit in the head to lose time…. cause you cant be sure where they will fall…

Yeah, well that was a really bi-polar experience. Honestly, Im gonna admit, I kinda want to get to this game, but at the same time, any hype about the came fell to the floor with that second part. I will enjoy it when I get there, but there is no reason to worry about when that will be.

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