10 more days!

Day 89/100: Atlas Reactor

The new chapter started and have to get on the new chapter missions. They now do the missions weekly, to bring more activity into the game. Chapter 3 missions brought out ranked games, and a whole new string of missions, the current ones that i am working towards are:

  • Play 5 matches  as a fire power lancer (damage dealing characters)
  • Play 5 matches with a friend
  • Do 5k damage
  • Collect 60 power ups in matches you win
  • Perform 10 take downs on 5 different lancers

Day 90/100: Heroes of the Storm

Worked on my dailies, and tried to do the brawl, but it is all Nova’s and I am straight garbage with Nova, so only did warrior matches and one specialist match and that was the end of this game.

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