Past 4 days

Day 85&86/100:  Rift

I got hosted by Trion this day, and I held a spooktacular costume contest, where people had 2 minutes to get into wardrobe based on a theme I gave them. Some of the themes were candy corn, bride of Frankenstein, vampire hunter, a pumpkin that aint orange. All the winners of the mini round got a snail mount and the grand prize winner got a prize from Trion a mummy squirrel mount and 3k credits and 15 days patron time.

Day 86 on Rift played Rift with my friends, working on dimensions.

Day 87/100: Gone Home

Gone Home is a first-person adventure exploration game. You take the place of Katie looking around the house after being gone in Europe to figure out where your  sister Sam went. The game is rather short, beat it in a hour, but none the less was still fun to play through.

Day 88/100: ESO

I started the witch festival, and ended up just doing the main quest while seeking out a pumpkin which I had to steal from a tavern, get some guts which killed a rabbit for, now looking for a evil essences because apparently witches like the stench of death and all three of these together make a death perfume the witches love. All this for goodies.


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