Some catching up to do

You should totally read the title in your best Ricky Ricardo voice instead of it be “Lucy you have some explain to do….” is “Kelari you have some catchin up to do…”

Day 18/100: Atlas Reactor

Every Saturday or every other, depending on me, I do a Saturday Suggestion Stream, and this is what this Saturday was or now past Saturday, did a poll of twitter people voted and Atlas Reactor was the game I played.

Day 19/100: Fallout 4

I spend this lovely day working on Railroad missions, and trying to save the Synths of the Common Wealth and heck did a mission where I saw this cool light house and was like “lets go there!” all optimistic, up there was a switch…pulled it, cause if you had a big red button in front of you, you would be tempted too…and it made a LOUD sound and attracted a death claw and Alpha death claw….which made me cry. Soooo had to kill the death claw… and the Alpha went missing…and it is still missing…so I will only be paranoid for a month now or until I find its dead body.

Day 20/100: Neverwinter

This Monday I did MMO madness, where I play a variety of different games in the MMO genre. I played two games to be exact but spend most my time on Neverwinter, played a new character, a cleric and played with my friend, introduced him to the Neverwinter world. This game is offered on Xbox and PC, its from the Dungeons and Dragon universe, and has several ways to play, there is PVP, PVE, world events, constant campaigns going on, and then roleplay missions created by members of the game.

Day 21/100: Elder Scrolls Online

ESO is a great game, first off Bethesda makes it, its from the Elder Scrolls series, and its massive, and beautiful and there is SOOO much to do. You have the base game story, the Morrowwind story, the guild stories, Fighters guild, Mage guild, and the Undaunted, you can buy the DLC and get the Thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood. There is PVP, dungeons, just random exploration, I have yet to see all the world….now the Argonians may…creep you out always tell you to stay…moist…. shudders

Day 22/100: Heroes of the Storm

Now we are on yesterday, which every Wednesday is Wreck it Wednesday for me. I play PVP style games, and this day we did play unranked matches and we won one, the second one got wrecked, then headed into Brawl missions where we had to push the payload, actually keep the other team from pushing there payload.

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