Throwback Thursday!!!

Day 23/100: Fallout New Vegas

Today I will venture into playing Fallout New Vegas for my Throwback Thursday stream. I have recently been swapping between Fallout 4 and Fallout 3 lately and everyone is always like “Fallout New Vegas was the best!!!” and blah blah  blah. To set the record straight….I love all the Fallouts for different reason, but lets give the viewers what they want…and here is Fallout New Vegas.

I like Fallout New Vegas because it was very faction driven, you had to pick a side, and whoever you picked changed your gameplay all together, the companions were way more dynamic and had stories and all of the randomness in the game was solid and made the game so much fun to play. I enjoyed the game greatly. I mean I did my first time around have over 16 days of gameplay in it…maybe more…


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