New Experiences in Games I Love

43/100: Atlas Reactor

CHAPTER FIVE IS HERE! NEW LANCER IS HERE! NEW STUFF IS HERE! A little excited if you cannot tell. Yes Chapter Five of Season 3 is here, the last chapter, new things to do, and a new lancer is out too. Here are the new missions

  • Gain 5 Season Levels
  • Do 10,000 dmg, healing or absorb
  • Win 5 matches with a friend
  • Earn 2500 Flux
  • Earn 100 Prestige Points from ranked matches.

The challenge mission is perform 10 take downs with 5 different lancers. So total of 50 take downs all together. Then there is a new lancer named Isadora, and she is a battle hamster I swear.

Day 44/100: Fallout 4

We started off doing some missions with the Brotherhood, but finally I ventured into Nuka World, the only DLC that I have not played yet, and lets say when people said it was hard, they meant it was HARD!!! You start off with a gauntlet of turrents blasting your butthole into space, then a maze full of booby traps, fire, grenades, things shooting you, rats attacking you, and if you survive all that, you have to fight some crazy raider in a power armor that is surrounded my electricity and its rigged. But hey you can win by shooting him with a water gun. How cute right?

Day 45/100: Rift

Today I will venture into Rift, completing the last quest in Vostigar Peaks, Ankhet vs Crucia, here it is a doosy, will probably die a few times, should make a bet of it, then will partake into classic leveling, no Instant Adventures, or power leveling in dungeons, just classic quest, revisiting lore and adventures in Rift. Later in the evening will do dungeons and Raids with guild members.

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