Cola’s and blocks and rifts galore

51/100: Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

Now….if you have asked anyone about Fallout 4 they would say its hard right? Mean the normal blowing of your face off, and running around and massive death, yeah its pretty crazy. But Nuka World? Nuka World son is hard. Hard is like saying its easy, its hardcore, just getting there in a gauntlet of death was hard enough, now you have to fued with raiders and make the land grand again and go explore and claim areas for the raider gangs…mean…..

You literally have to go through death and hand basket for these raider gangs….one is bloodworm infested which is straight out of Tremors, like where is Kevin Bacon at yo? Makes my Bacon number a 2 right? Then you have a robot deathmatch area, a ghoul infested area, mirelurker area and then the new deathclaw….a gatorclaw, because why not add alligator to that mess of cess pool right?

Cant imagine how I will beat this dlc.

52/100: Rift

Did my varierty of lvl 70 work, cleared the raid Tartaric Depths aka TDez twice, finally got my trinket to drop. FINALLY! Only farmed that place like 30 times, we got the council bug and had to reset, hence why we cleared it twice, or 1.5 cleared it. Then did a dungeon run with my guildees, and then leveled a warrior that was power leveled to 65, big life lesson here…..


You will die when you start to take them serious.

53/100: Trove

Trove is a open world  adventure game with countless realms filled with quests, chests, and enemies both great and small. The gameplay favors minecraft but it is not MINECRAFT.  It is a MMO cube game, think of that way. You can play as so many kinds of classes, you have classes such as dino tamer, chloromancer, lunar lancer, tomb raiser, boomranger, shadow hunter, candy barbarian, ice sage, neon ninja and more. There are soooo many options of what to be.

From castles and palaces to caverns and crypts to beehives, lava infested ice blocks (yes I know it doesnt make sense) to water towers and more, dungeons are home to the deadliest villains and rarest gear in the land. Their immense interiors are filled with minions, traps, and bosses ready to put your skills to the test. Lairs are mini-sized dungeons.

You have so many different world options or realms as they call it, a undead world, candy realm, desert frontier, a forest, a ice world, a dinosaur world, a faerie world, and more. The options are endless here.

We are halfway there!!!

Day 49/100: ArcheAge

Proceeded to play my spellbow character and roam around getting lost in a capital city, and fighting strange spiders out in the farms, moving to the next area where the monsters are all like 3-4 levels higher than me, so I am getting wrecked, but my internet was slow this day so things did not load and I got killed a bunch. So many ghost npcs….so many.

Day 50/100: Paladins and Atlas Reactor

Paladins is a free to play shooter hero game. The heroes fall into four different catergories, flank, frontline, damage and support. Frontline is your tank, damage are your dps type, support are your healers and flank are high dps damage characters, fast, but with lower health.

The game offers a variety of game modes, such as payload, seige, onslaught, survive, and co-op. The game is similar to Overwatch.

Atlas Reactor I ventured into playing four lancer matches, the new game mode, that allows you to control all four lancers, so its 1v1. Love this game mode!

Day 48/100: Aion

This game has been recommended to me months ago on Rift, and decided to give this a try on my MMO Madness stream for a change. Aion is a MMORPG, game is a pvp/ pve setting. So you pick a server and the race  you will be, and choose wisely cause your not able to play as the other ever, unless you delete the character of the other race. Game caters to your dark side or light side, mean you can pick an angel based race or a demon based race.

The class system is fun, seems very D&D based, you have a base class and then afterwards you have a secondary tree to head into. There are six main classes, and at lvl 10 you branch off into your secondary classes, which you choose which is more for you. The classes are Warrior, Mage, Scout, Priest, Technist or Muse. The only class that does not have two sub classes is Muse, it is the only one that has one. Warriors may become a Templar or a Gladiator; Mages may become a Sorcerer or Spiritmaster; Scouts may become an Assassin or Ranger; Priests may become a Cleric or a Chanter; Technists may become a Gunslinger or Aethertech; and a Muse will become a Songweaver.

Now the vain reason I joined is the wings….YOU CAN FLY IN THIS GAME! More than enough reason to play right? For me it was, but after playing for few hours the dynamic combo system and how much it reminds me of the GW2 and ArcheAge kept me playing.

Saturday and Sunday

Day 46/100: Atlas Reactor, ArcheAge and ESO

Saturday I did a 12 hour charity stream for the Red Cross for the hurricane victims, and on this day these were the three games I played, Atlas Reactor, ArcheAge and ESO, Atlas Reactor managed to finish the Chapter five missions for Season three, only mission I have left to do is the ranked games, which I will be tackling on Wednesday.

I had planned to move to ESO after Atlas Reactor but there was a lengthy update, so went to ArcheAge first, trying to figure out the very extensive crafting system, and it was mostly me roaming around looking for potatoes and confused, no potato salad for my elf.

Speaking of Elves, ESO was me dealing with more Elf drama, those dark elves….but finally took down Magistere Vox and ended her plague bringing soul sucking God defying butt down.

The stream was good, earned $25 to give to the Red Cross.

Day 47/100: Rift

Yesterday I spent time doing lvl 70 stuff, I typically get in a mood to do it then like wiggly arms away and not do it for awhile, but was grinding for better gear, did a bunch of rifts, think I managed sixty, twenty something footholds and some dungeon runs, all for those gear upgrades, its so time consuming and that is why I do not do it much, but I needed to up my deeps.

New Experiences in Games I Love

43/100: Atlas Reactor

CHAPTER FIVE IS HERE! NEW LANCER IS HERE! NEW STUFF IS HERE! A little excited if you cannot tell. Yes Chapter Five of Season 3 is here, the last chapter, new things to do, and a new lancer is out too. Here are the new missions

  • Gain 5 Season Levels
  • Do 10,000 dmg, healing or absorb
  • Win 5 matches with a friend
  • Earn 2500 Flux
  • Earn 100 Prestige Points from ranked matches.

The challenge mission is perform 10 take downs with 5 different lancers. So total of 50 take downs all together. Then there is a new lancer named Isadora, and she is a battle hamster I swear.

Day 44/100: Fallout 4

We started off doing some missions with the Brotherhood, but finally I ventured into Nuka World, the only DLC that I have not played yet, and lets say when people said it was hard, they meant it was HARD!!! You start off with a gauntlet of turrents blasting your butthole into space, then a maze full of booby traps, fire, grenades, things shooting you, rats attacking you, and if you survive all that, you have to fight some crazy raider in a power armor that is surrounded my electricity and its rigged. But hey you can win by shooting him with a water gun. How cute right?

Day 45/100: Rift

Today I will venture into Rift, completing the last quest in Vostigar Peaks, Ankhet vs Crucia, here it is a doosy, will probably die a few times, should make a bet of it, then will partake into classic leveling, no Instant Adventures, or power leveling in dungeons, just classic quest, revisiting lore and adventures in Rift. Later in the evening will do dungeons and Raids with guild members.

Day 42 almost half way there…

Day 42/100: ArcheAge

ArcheAge a game I have not played much since launch, but so glad I am finally able to play this game again and stream it! YAY! Soooooo……What is ArcheAge? ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG. The game is zoneless, and open world PVP based. Players can freely attack other players who are members of the other factions: East, West or Pirate.

The crafting system in ArcheAge is massive and intensive, and if you dare dabble into this, you better…or lets say YOU BEST PAY ATTENTION to the quest and information you find on it, because its really hard to wing it on your own, trust me, off and on played this game for three years now, and still do not know how to craft in this correctly.

There is also housing, farming and a criminal system. The skills are quite flexible, you select one type of class at start, then again at lvl 5 you pick the next set of skills and then lastly at lvl 10. Your damage is based off your gear.

KelariCuddles waterlogged ledger of Games

35/ 100: Atlas Reactor

This was a good yet sort of sad day for me with Atlas Reactor, so during the third season you can do loyality missions for all the lancers and get a special hyperbotic skin for the lancer after  you play 5 games with the character. Well on this day, it was my last lancer, Garrison. I had other missions that were play five games and then play two as a Frontliner which worked with playing as Garrison as I needed to play five matches with him and he is a frontliner. But now I am done….and there is no more trust skins to earn. Sad face. But Chapter five missions are right around the corner, a new lancer is coming out, more missions, and quest and things to do. I will now do the challenge of lvl 7 lancers, most of my lancers range from lvl 5-8, one is lvl 11. (Grem love <3) and I will  go up and down the list, til each is lvl 7, then move on to the next. Challenges, got to love them.

36/100: Fallout New Vegas

Sooooooo you can say on this day, I did things I did not want to do, like had to get into New Vegas but did not want to pay for the passport, so there is the King missions (bunch of Elvis impersonators gang, how cute and clever right?) and totally forgot going this route makes the NCR mad at you…like very mad. And that made Boone mad at me. NOT BOONE! Boone is the companion you want, he shoots things from far away, so they do not kill you, unless he picks a fight with a Deathclaw, which he has done before…and I have left him behind, running away like a mad person. KelariCuddles does not mess around with Deathclaws. Unless she has too.

37/100: Rift

This day I was very casual in gameplay, working on dimensions. What are dimensions? Think of them like personal houses for characters, the roleplayers love dimensions in Rift because we get to have homes for our characters that we can live in and play house in or make a hospital for when characters get injured, or create a cafe for people to go buy a cake at, so many options of what you can build. Sometimes it is frustrating and does make me want to flip a table, but still love dim building. But Rift was also running a Wardrobe contest, where you make the best fashionable outfit ever and you can win some awesome blossom prizes, like 15K credits to shop with! Oh my! Here was my submission:

Now unfortunately the past few days  I was very very ill and was not even able to leave bed to game, so these will be the days I did not get to do this awesome challenge. It sucks, but sometimes it happens, but I hope that all my other extra lifers out there played some awesome games in my honor.


Letsa Back track

Day 30/100: Guild Wars 2

Proceeded with leveling my human thief and introducing my friend to crafting but I frankly did not remember it, still in a daze about crafting in Guild Wars 2, at one point actually knew everything and how to do all the crafting, gathering all the materials and how to discover stuff, but guess that part of Guild Wars 2 has left me. Oh well none the less it was fun.

Day 31/100: Rift

This time for Rift it was a little more different than normal just playing and not playing, we roleplayed a Dungeons and Dragon style event, using Rift lore and the Guild lore, we went to a Storm Legion base, top secret base, and had to go through a gauntlet or grueling task, the first time, we have a room that was blocked off on all sides, but had to get out, one door way had a fan blade, the second spikes and third was a frozen creature. We decided to wrap a chain around the frozen creature and throw the chain into the fan and in succeeded and found a bunch of ledgers, maps and plans of the Storm Legion, and scaled up to the fortress, were we ended the event for the night, but it traveled over to Day 32.

Day 32/100: Rift

Day two of this Table Top Style of Rift, we proceeded with the story, entering the fortress and finding a very insanely charming but suicidal Ai, who sterilized us, decontaminated us, washed us, violated a few by putting them in medical clothing, and anyone who has been to the doctor that paper towel dress does not cover enough, to finally find the way out and lead to recusing someone who has been kidnapped for months.

Day 33/100: Elder Scrolls Online

Challenged myself, mostly prepared myself for future Extra Life event, did a 8 Hour Stream, with my Warden, but she did a variety of quest, most dabbling into the old Llodos virus that plagues the dark elves and apparently not me, some Nords wanting to learn Dark Elf culture with the fair trade of Nord culture, but hey most Nord culture lets be fair is drunken insanity, and they dressed them up like Easter baskets I swear.

Day 34/100: Fallout 4

Normally on Sundays I would be a Fallout 4 challenge but some streams were pushed by because of real life and Fallout was one of those, but today we launch the week off with Fallout 4, and see how many times I dont scream, sure you can count how many times I dont over do. Today plan to dabble in one of the DLCs, will it be the machinist? Far Harbor? Or Nuka World? Who knows, you will have to tune in to find out.

Guild Wars 2

Day 29/100: Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG, it is unique to the genre of MMO, the story line is directly effected by the player decisions, which is not normally something you see in MMOs, so yeah will say it is unique. They call it the ripple effect in gaming, typically something you see in a single player game like Fallout or Mass Effect not something so massive mmo world scale. They have an event style setting that replaces the basic quest system.

There are five playable races, each with a dynamic story within themselves, and then nine playable glasses, eight are with base game, one comes with Heart of Thorns. Player skills are based on the weapon you have equipped (which I find very cool that it changes whether you have a bow or dagger equipped.) Level cap is 80. But don’t worry they have a global level system, so some level 80 cant swoop in and kill everything before you get it, they are instantly nerfed down to the questing area level, allowing you the chance to kill something.

But the basis of the plot, each race has there own tie in to the overall plot of the game, but in Guild Wars there were some meanie head dragons that lived under the world and woke up and cause a lot of bad stuff and corruption, lets just say lots of the bad stuff and corruption still exist, and the races must save Tyria once again.


Skyrim has the best tomatoes

Day 28/100: Skyrim

Anyone who is anyone should know what Skyrim is, the game has only been remade what? 60 times already, but the game is well worth it, its an amazing game, has so much you can do in it. That is what keeps me to games, is how much can you do in it, dont want a game you beat in 2  hours, want something you can play again and again and again and its different each time you play it.

But those that do not know it is set 200 years after Oblivion, its the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, and it follows the character the Dragonborn aka body of a mortal soul of a dragon. But you start smack dab in the middle of a war. Now when I play Skyrim I love to wander and do as little quest as possible, now when a quest does arise I go and do them, but normally I like to play and wander and explore the vast world, love the lone adventurer feel of the game.

And that is also how I found out Skyrim has the best tomatoes, was once challenged to pick pocket people and put tomatoes in there pockets, did this and landed in jail four times, so apparently it is a crime….to put tomatoes in a guards pocket.